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MSC Cruises Floats Out MSC Seaside

3 minutes read • November 30th, 2016
It happened!

MSC Cruises

together with Fincantieri floated out so desirable MSC Seaside! Momentous event was held last weekend in the Italian town of Monfalcone – the birthplace of the ground breaking cruise ship.
© Photo by MSC Cruises
MSC Seaside is designed for the warm and sunny

Caribbean region

– and it will make the sun and the ocean even closer to you. How? With the help of the ship’s unique architecture including the waterfront promenade, revolutionary Aqua Park, numerous pools and amazing poolside areas. She will depart on Caribbean cruises from


throughout the year and is intending to become the most innovative cruise ship prowling this region.

There’s just one year left! MSC Seaside is going to conquer the Caribbean already in December 2017! Let’s bate our breath together!  
© Photo by MSC Cruises© Photo by MSC Cruises

Source: MSC Cruises

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