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MSC Cruises Staterooms

7 minutes read • June 27th, 2018
We continue to get acquainted with cruise accommodation offered by modern cruise lines. It’s time to check

MSC Cruises Staterooms

MSC Cruises stateroomsMSC Divina Balcony Cabin by Gary Bembridge/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
What are the main components of an exciting cruise for you? The company, cruise ship, itinerary – no doubt those are the first things that came to your mind. However, we suppose that many of you also thought about the stateroom, didn’t you? It is not surprising since the cabin becomes your floating home for some time, and you’ve got to have a place to rest after a busy day, stay in silence, and renew your strength. And considering we’re all different and have different tastes and needs, modern cruise companies tend to offer various types of cruise accommodation to provide perfect conditions for every cruise traveler.
This also applies to the company we’re going to talk about in this article. The choice of MSC cruise room’s categories is extensive, and everyone will find his perfect option to enjoy his voyage to the full. Let’s check them together!


Interior Studio. MSC Cruises is among the few companies that have staterooms for solo cruise lovers. Interior Studio has everything to feel comfortable during your voyage.
MSC Cruises staterooms
Photo courtesy of MSC Cruises

Please note that this type of stateroom is available on MSC Meraviglia and MSC Bellissima only.

Interior. It is an excellent option for those who are going to spend a minimum of time in the cabin. Although MSC Cruise Inside cabin doesn’t have a window, it looks very cozy and has everything to provide a good sleep before the eventful day.

Ocean View. If you can't imagine sailing without the beautiful view of the sea but still want to save money for onboard and ashore attractions, you can try this option with the window. Stylish interior and comfortable furniture of MSC Ocean View cabin make you feel at home.

BTW, there are also Ocean View staterooms with a partial/obstructed view. They cost much cheaper.

Balcony. The MSC Cruise Balcony cabin has a private... balcony. Yes, it’s obvious. As obvious as advantages of this category of cruise staterooms. We’re going to devote a separate article to this topic soon, so stay tuned!
But let’s get back to the subject of this review. Balcony Staterooms on MSC Cruises’ liners are very similar to Suites. The only difference as they are smaller in size.
By the way, the company offers several options for big families: you can choose various types of 2 or even 3 connecting cabins to have a memorable vacation with your family of up to 10 travelers.

Now it’s time to talk about the cruise line’s most luxurious accommodation – about MSC CRUISES SUITES. Let’s check their types and features.

Suite. Suite is a more spacious variant of the Balcony Cabin, and this means more private space to have a friendly chat and admire the beautiful scenery.
Please note that some Suites have a panoramic sealed window instead of the verandah. Besides, some Suites are angle rooms.

Suite with Private Whirlpool. How about an own whirlpool right on your verandah. Just imagine yourself relaxing in the soft bathing water with a glass of champagne and admiring the sunset. It sounds inspiring, doesn’t it?

Grand Suite. MSC Cruises’ Grand Suite has separate areas to sleep and to discuss this day and plan the next one. Other amenities include a spacious wardrobe, and the verandah, of course.
BTW, there are several Wellness Grand Suites where guests can not just relax but also keep fit with the help of specialized equipment.

Two-Bedroom Grand Suite. This Suite with 2 bedrooms can become home for up to 5 cruise lovers. Did we mention that it also has 2 bathrooms?

Duplex Suite. Yes, you are right! 2 representatives of the cruise line's fleet, Meraviglia and Bellissima, offer fantastic 2-deck accommodation. Sophisticated interior, separate living area, lovely verandah with the whirlpool bath, 2 bathrooms, and other surprises – it seems it will be difficult to leave this luxury stateroom.
MSC Cruises staterooms
Photo courtesy of MSC Cruises 

Besides suites we mentioned above, the cruise line has a special offer for members of MSC Yacht Club. Along with the company’s most luxurious accommodation and first-class service, guests traveling in these staterooms enjoy numerous MSC Yacht Club benefits, including round-the-clock butler service, luxury Restaurant, Lounge and Sun Deck open exclusively for the Club's members, priority embarkation and debarkation, and other pleasant perks.
MSC Yacht Club Suites' categories include
  • Interior Suite with the doubled bed, bathroom, wardrobe, minibar, and other amenities.
  • Deluxe Suite that has the same features as Interior plus a verandah. Besides, MSC Meraviglia has Wellness Deluxe Suites with specialized equipment that allows you to do sports right in the stateroom.
  • Executive & Family Suite with a panoramic sealed window, cozy bedroom, and elegant living area.
  • Royal Suite with a cozy room to get a good night's sleep and a lovely area to enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee and share your impressions with your nearest and dearest, spacious verandah with the whirlpool, and other amenities.
We should note that staterooms of the same type may have different features. Besides, the availability of specific categories of MSC staterooms varies by the ship.
What type of MSC Cruise Staterooms is your favorite? Do you have any tips on which cabin to choose? Please share your thought in the comments.

By the way, we need you to promise us one thing: no matter how comfortable and cozy your cabin is, do not forget that your cruise ship has numerous exciting places to explore.
Happy sailing!
MSC Cruises stateroomsMSC Fantasia by Ein Dahmer/Wiki/CC BY-SA 4.0

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