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Musée de la civilisation

History and museums
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The Musée de la civilisation à Québec (Museum of Civilization) is a museum located in Quebec City. It is situated in the historic Old Québec area near the Saint Lawrence River. It was designed by architect Moshe Safdie, and opened its doors to the public on 19 December 1988.

The previous buildings of the Banque de Paris and the Maison Estèbe, which were situated on Saint-Pierre street, were integrated in the museum's structure. Permanent and temporary exhibitions are held at the museum, usually related to humanities, and virtual exhibitions are also available. The institution also hosts Quartier des découvertes (Discovery Zone), geared towards children, and offers other services such as guided visits, a French America reference centre, shows, souvenir boutiques, a cafeteria, and a leisure room.





  • Territoires (Territories)
  • Le Temps des Québécois (People of Québec ... then and Now)
  • Nous, les premières nations (Encounter with the First Nations)


The Museum is affiliated with: the Canadian Museums Association, the Canadian Heritage Information Network, and the Virtual Museum of Canada.


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