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Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

History and museums
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The Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (French for "National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec") is a museum in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada gathering approximately 25,000 works essentially produced in Quebec, or by Quebec artists, some of which dating from the 18th century. It has also housed a library since 1987. It is located on the Plains of Abraham, in The Battlefields Park.

Founded in 1933, the museum was first known as the "Musée de la province de Québec", then as the "Musée du Québec" from 1961 before being rechristened in 2002 of its current denomination by the Bernard Landry government. It consists of three pavilions, each in a distinct building. One of these is the old prison of Quebec City, dating from the 19th century, and the interior is a contemporary witness of carceral life in the era. Since 1995, the museum receives financial support from a foundation called La Fondation du Musée.



The Museum is affiliated with: CMA, CHIN, and Virtual Museum of Canada.

Expositions of note

  • 1965 Treasures of Tutankhamun, from the Cairo Museum (105 000 visiteurs)
  • 1986 French Impressionists and Russian Post impressionists from the Pushkin Museum and Hermitage (135 000 visiteurs)
  • 1998 Rodin in Québec, from Musée Rodin (524 000 visiteurs)
  • 2008 Le Louvre in Québec, from Musée du Louvre (464 000 visiteurs)
  • 2008 Jewish Painters of Montreal, curator Esther Trépanier


  • John R. Porter: 1993-2008
  • Esther Trépanier: 2008-2011
  • Line Ouellet: depuis 2011

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