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Museum of cars of the Prince of Monaco

Sergey Dolya • 4 minutes read • April 9th, 2016
After I visited the royal automobile museum of the King of Jordan, everybody advised me to visit the same museum of the Prince of Monaco. By a happy coincidence, I did it last week. The museum is really big and has an impressive collection of old and sports cars. Till 2012 it was even bigger but the current Prince Albert II had decided to sell 38 cars at an auction. The income from the sales was modest 1,180,000 euros. The Panhard & Levassor X19, 1913 roadster was sold for 81,300 euros. And Mercedes-Benz 500 of 1983, the last car of Prince Rainier (Albert’s father), was disputed about by twenty participants of the auction. As the result, it was bought for 117,500 euros. 
The prince sold a quarter of the vehicle fleet with the purpose not to curtail the family tradition, but to raise funds to purchase new valuable samples. Here you can see what remained after the auction:
General view of the exposition.
Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, 1921:
And here is Rolls Royce Phantom I, 1927:
In this car Albert II has married the Olympic sportswoman from the Republic of South Africa Sharlen Linett Uittstok:
The body of the car has the landau form with the open salon. Though the roof is still there, and it is not removable, it is made of 8 mm thick polycarbonate and weighing only 57 lbs (26 kg):
The French space company that develops the designs of windshields for helicopters and fighter aircrafts was involved in the production of the car:
The rarity of 1885:
De Dion Bouton of 1903:
Napier, 1914:
Humber 1911, Super of the same year and Unic of the 1916 year of release:
In the foreground there is Lincoln, 1928, behind it - Ford, 1930:
Packard, 1926:
Rolls Royce, 1953:
Ford Break,1937 and Jaguar of the same year:

Hispano Suiza, 1928. The unusual car:

A very beautiful crane. Earlier companies didn't save and put some beautiful figures on the cowl. Now this tradition remained only in Rolls-Royce:
In the foreground - Rosengart, 1940, in the back - 1937:
Mercedes-Benz, 1954 on the left. On the right, a car with doors "Wings of a seagull":
Cool Fiat, 1959 with wattled seats:
Chrysler, 1947:

Mercedes-Benz, 1957:
Bentley, 1956:
Chrysler Imperial, 1956:
Cadillac, 1961:
Jaguar, 1969:
Nash Healey, 1952:
Facel Vega, 1963:
Daimler, 1970:
The third part of the museum is occupied with sports cars:
A lot of cars from Formula 1:

Monte Carlo 


Citroen, 1993, which raced Dakar of the same year:
Lamborghini, 1986:
Lamborghini Muira P400, 1967:
Ferraris are very popular on the streets of 


, but the Prince has only one in his collection - Ferrari F1, 1989:
Later I will tell you about Formula 1 in Monaco. Stay Tuned!
Author: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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