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My Day in Los Angeles

Dmytro Cherkasov • 6 minutes read • January 26th, 2017
To be honest, we didn't manage to have a good walk in Los Angeles. We didn't have enough time, we already spent two weeks on a ship. Therefore we saw the city quite superficially. Nevertheless, we visited Universal and Disneyland. Our acquaintance with the city began in a port. This is the Vincent Thomas Bridge
We stopped in Downtown only once on the way to Disneyland. In general, this district is not very suitable for life. Its streets are much dirtier than other parts of the city. According to our guide, crime rate is also higher here and there's absolutely nowhere to go in the evening. As for me, it was a bit strange. I thought that life here should boil.
We stopped here to look at this unique building - the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The building has really unusual architecture, and that polished metal shimmering in the sun. Very impressive.
You can see unusual decorations in the city quite often. On absolutely faceless buildings. For example, here's a common office building, but mosaic on its roof looks really cool.
There are a lot of monuments and sculptures in Los Angeles. I do not know anything about the gates. I just ran up the stairs to the City Hall, and this construction was in front of it. So I decided to take a picture.
Actually, here's a view of the City Hall. They say, it is a very popular "decoration" for filming of various movies. Sure thing! Such a beautiful building in the Art Deco style.
This is Beverly Hills. Rodeo Drive. I managed to walk here early in the morning. Therefore, it looked like a city after a zombies attack - there were no people. :-)
This is Four Seasons Hotel. It's famous for the fact that scenes of the "Pretty Woman" movie were filmed in it. By the way... There's no room from this movie in the hotel. And it never was there. Scenes in the room were filmed in the other place. The second wing of the hotel is behind this building. You can get there directly along the street or through a gallery on the second floor.
Interiors are chic. There were many people in the hotel at that moment. Because there was the Oscars in evening. There were many photographers and shooting teams near the hotel in the evening. Although the rooms themselves are not impressive.
I decided to walk down Rodeo Drive.
Do you remember when the Julia Roberts heroine from the movie had problems with service in a store? Here it is. At the end of Rodeo Drive. However, they say, the store has changed the owner and name since then.
If I am not mistaken, this is a symbolic representation of the fashion world's "Oscar".
This is a view of "Golden Triangle". It's interesting to know that you are allowed to cross the road diagonally at this intersection.
This is also "Golden Triangle" from the other side. The hotel is on the right. Posters hanging on poles are dedicated to Chinese New Year.
This topic was popular throughout the city. This tree decorated with ribbons is also dedicated to this occasion. It seems this is the kumquat.
Actually the street itself is quite short. However this does not prevent it to wear the title of the world's most expensive street. Number of boutiques per square meter here is really huge.
Well, and the most important thing. It's impossible to visit Los Angeles and leave it without a picture of the "Hollywood" inscription on a hill. I also made such photo. Here it is. Where is the inscription? It's under the traffic lights, if you take a good look at it. :-) Unfortunately, we really did not see it. Only at a glimpse and from afar. We also didn't visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Well... There is a reason to come back here again.
Author: Dmytro Cherkasov
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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