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Mykonos, Greece

o_l_g_a_r_i • 4 minutes read • August 13th, 2016


was another island that we wanted to visit during a cruise.
There was no sense staying there for a week, as the island is tiny and there are only few interesting sights to see. Mykonos is famous mainly for Ibiza – all night booze ups and discos . . . and the 

pelican Petros :)

, which is mostly known from the movie. However, we didn’t see it.


were the main visiting card of the town. It was difficult to photograph any because of the crowds of people around...
1mykonos-greece.jpgSometimes, when there are few cruise ships, some small ships and yachts moor by this island,
and then there are a lot of people wandering around the little town :(
2mykonos-greece.jpgGenerally, the island is bare and unattractive. The main place of interest on the island are the town's white plastered "huts", churches with blue roofs and narrow streets with numerous souvenir shops . . .
The main part of the town is called Little Venice. It has this name not because of its resemblance to the city in Italy, but because of the fact that the Venetians had formerly settled here . . .
3mykonos-greece.jpgThere were these lines of houses, facing the seas, side by side. It is said that sea captains used to built their houses here before. I do not know who lives there now, but the lower floors are allocated to bars, where people like to spend their free time...
4mykonos-greece.jpg5mykonos-greece.jpgThere was a small beach and plenty of cafes next to the town’s main harbor.
We didn’t find any fish in the market, maybe because we came too late . . . 
6mykonos-greece.jpg7mykonos-greece.jpg8mykonos-greece.jpgWe ascended to the mills . . .
9mykonos-greece.jpgThey are quite old, of the 16th century, although they were well refurbished...
Nowadays, hotels and shops are located in the mills.
Gift shops are numerous, in fact, the entire town is full of them. Each house has either a hotel or a shop.
We walked along the narrow streets of the Old Town.
10mykonos-greece.jpg11mykonos-greece.jpg12mykonos-greece.jpgThere were a lot of churches. Really, A LOT!
According to the guidebook, there are exactly 365 churches and chapels on the island; one is for each day of the year :)
13mykonos-greece.jpg14mykonos-greece.jpg15mykonos-greece.jpg16mykonos-greece.jpg17mykonos-greece.jpg18mykonos-greece.jpg19mykonos-greece.jpgThere were a couple of interesting museums among sightseeing attractions. The Aegean Maritime Museum is one of them. Unfortunately, it was closed, but I went to the other one – the Ethnographic Museum.
20mykonos-greece.jpg21mykonos-greece.jpg22mykonos-greece.jpg23mykonos-greece.jpg24mykonos-greece.jpg25mykonos-greece.jpg26mykonos-greece.jpg27mykonos-greece.jpgOne can take a walk through the streets of the town and the promenade along the sea...
28mykonos-greece.jpg29mykonos-greece.jpg30mykonos-greece.jpg31mykonos-greece.jpgBy the way, there were other shops other than the gift stores.
32mykonos-greece.jpgWonderful autumn bouquets were sold in the market near the port :)
33mykonos-greece.jpg34mykonos-greece.jpg35mykonos-greece.jpg36mykonos-greece.jpg37mykonos-greece.jpg38mykonos-greece.jpg39mykonos-greece.jpg40mykonos-greece.jpg41mykonos-greece.jpgAuthor: o-l-g-a-r-i
Translated by: Zoozi

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