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Mysterious Stones Of Sardinia

lavagra • 6 minutes read • January 21st, 2017
1mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpgMy family and I, we visited Sardinia three years ago. Recently I saw a television program, describing the ancient and unsolved mysteries of the island - about the strange, unusually large tombs of the Giants, without a trace of a vanished nation-builder of stone towers, the nuraghi, and also about cities lost in the mountains of the island. For us, Sardinia remained to be the island of mysterious large stones with a hidden ancient history. This story is just about those mysterious places that we have seen in that very peculiar part of Italy.
2mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpgWe went by car on great, but very twisted roads of Sardinia. This trip was like a time travel, when there may be something unusual behind every turn. You should look around more often and not be afraid to stopover in any place. Otherwise, you may miss a lot of interesting, because many of the ancient monuments and prehistoric structures are located right along the road.
3mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpgMost of it is not even marked on maps. There are about eight thousand of the nuraghi on the island. Once nuraghi were twice as many. The so-called nuraghi period is more than a thousand years. In other words, some people have lived there a very long time about four thousand years ago. Nobody knows where did these people come from as well as how did they disappear. They only left these giant towers of almost roughest stones, weird tombs of the Giants, and a huge number of bizarre bronze statuettes "bronzetti".
4mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpg5mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpgNowadays the nuraghi are proudly rising in the hills of the island. Some have only the base, others are well preserved and now serve as excellent observation points.
6mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpgThe traces of ancient settlements were found nearby many of the nuraghi. Some of those we saw, they were carefully excavated and partially restored. There you can get only by paying a small fee at the entrance. This is a landmark of the nuraghi Palmavera village near the town of Alghero.
7mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpgThere were few tourists in February. By the way, all the modern names of the ancient towers almost have nothing to do with the ancient culture, because no written documents of that civilization were left.
8mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpgGenerally, traveling around Sardinia, one can see giant boulders scattered almost everywhere.
9mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpg10mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpgIn the mountains, we visited an ancient village of the Sardinians.
11mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpgThe village has been quite meticulously restored.
12mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpgThere is another place of attraction nearby.
13mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpgWalking just few hours along the mountain paths in the mountains, you can visit another ancient settlement of the Sardinians - the nuraghi

village Tiscali

. It is located at the bottom of a huge mountain gap. Once there was a giant cave, which has been partially collapsed. Inside there was a lost village. Only several towers nuraghi have remained.
14mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpgThe next day we visited another mysterious object - Sassari ziggurat.
This place reminded of Inca Mexican pyramids. But it is much older. Ziggurat is a man-made hill in the form of a larger truncated pyramid with a broad platform raising above. Apparently, this place used to serve an altar.
15mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpgStrange spherical stones, big slabs, pillars, and dolmens were found during the excavations next to this mysterious place.
It is unknown what was happening there many thousands of years ago. This is a unique object for the Southern Europe.
17mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpgBy the way, we came for free to the territory of the ziggurat. A man-archaeologist, who is looking after the sight, gave me a key to the gate, asking only not to forget to give it back.
18mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpgGenerally, there are lots of mysterious places in Sardinia. Once we made a random stopover at the foot of a hill on the road to Alghero, and there we found plenty of burial caves scattered on the hills.​
19mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpgThese burial grounds were so big that local shepherds used it as their temporary homes a few centuries ago.​
20mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpg21mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpg22mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpgHaving visited these places of attraction in Sardinia, you start feeling a shaky line between past and present, real and otherworldly. It is hard to understand where you are and where you want to go further.​
23mysterious-stones-of-sardinia.jpgMany people come to the island in search of sun, delicious cuisine, and warm sea. But very few of them dare to delve into the history of Sardinia.​
Author: lavagra
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