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Naha Is The Main City Of Okinawa

Nefer • 5 minutes read • October 2nd, 2016


is the southernmost prefecture of Japan. It consists of hundreds of small islands forming the Ryukyu archipelago. The main island is also called Okinawa. The administrative center of the Prefecture is the city of Naha. A monorail train runs from the airport to

Shuri Castle

. The line runs through the central part of the city. It is a convenient and quick way to get to your destination. I lived near the Miebashi station. This is the first photo I took in Okinawa. Arriving at my station, I took a photo of the monorail.
1naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpg2naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgOnigiri is a good option for breakfast. Of course one bought in a shop is slightly worse than another ordered in a cafe, but it'll do almost the same.
3naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpg4naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgAfter the breakfast, I decided to go in the

Shuri Castle

. This is the main attraction of the island. It is the final station of the Shuri Monorail. There are 15 stations in total. The trip takes 27 minutes. That is, if you go from the airport. I was somewhere in the middle.
5naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgThis is a range of fares. I had to buy a ticket for 3 USD (as of 2015).
6naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgIf you have a one-way ticket, as I had, you have to insert it into the turnstile slot and take away from the other side. Time and date will be printed there. You will have to put it in another turnstile at the exit.
7naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpg8naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgSafety first. These doors are opened together with the doors of the arrived train.
9naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpg10naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgThe monorail runs on a special trestle at a height of about 20 meters. I stood waiting for the train.
11naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgAnd here's my train. I'm going to the Shuri Castle.
12naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpg13naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgI have a separate review about the Shuri Castle. This review you can find here. Now I want to show you some details of the city.
14naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpg15naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpg16naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpg17naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgVending machines for drinks in Japan are at every step. This country is the most advanced in the vending industry. In general, it is convenient, as you can buy a cold or hot drink “to go”.
18naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgThis part of Naha is quite uninteresting. In the last day of my stay, I was just wandering around the areas where I hadn’t been.
19naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgHere’s an urban sculpture.
20naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpg21naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpg22naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgA few words about the beaches. Okinawa is an island, and a port. But the guide said that actually there are no beaches within the city. I went to check, and I found a very small piece of a sandy beach, probably of two hundred meters long. That's all.
23naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgThe place is called Naminoue Beach. The shrine is called Naminoue respectively. This is a Shinto shrine (Naminoue Shrine). The translation means "above the waves".
24naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgI went in the direction of the port. I found a sculpture.
25naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgIt’s Shinko Wharf.
26naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpg27naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpg29naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgI was going along the overpass. There was a water tower somewhere on the horizon.
30naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpg31naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgThen I got in another district. This thing is designated as NHK Okinawa Broadcasting Station. Is that some broadcasting tower?
32naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpg33naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgHere’s a view of the evening city.
34naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpgOn the bridge, I found such a thing. There were several shopping centers around. The district is called Omoromachi. It’s not the very center.
35naha-main-city-of-okinawa.jpg In the Middle Ages Naha was the capital of the Ryukyu kingdom, and a restored palace Shuri-jo is reminiscent of the past glory.
The review about it can be found here.
Author: Nefer
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