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Nahariya, Israel

Nefer • 3 minutes read • September 26th, 2016
Nahariya is one of the resorts in Israel, located on the Mediterranean coast in Western Galilee.
The resort life is centered on the main street, Ha-Ga'ton. Eucalyptus trees grow along tree-lined boulevards, and there's the river Ga'aton, which looks like a dead stream. To the right and to left of the Boulevard, there were streets that housed shops and cafes.
1nahariya-israel.jpg2nahariya-israel.jpgThe boulevard ends with a waterfront, so it is practically impossible to get lost, as all roads lead to the sea.
The river ends with a weird tank like pool.
5nahariya-israel.jpgThe spectacular sail on the bank makes the Nahariya city beach area recognizable.
We came here in December, so there were very few people!
7nahariya-israel.jpg8nahariya-israel.jpg9nahariya-israel.jpg10nahariya-israel.jpg11nahariya-israel.jpg12nahariya-israel.jpg13nahariya-israel.jpg14nahariya-israel.jpg15nahariya-israel.jpg16nahariya-israel.jpgPerhaps this is a kindergarten.
17nahariya-israel.jpg18nahariya-israel.jpgWe went back to the car. We parked it in one of the lanes.
19nahariya-israel.jpg20nahariya-israel.jpgPeople come to Nahariya mainly to relax and lie on the beach. Among the historical sites, there are remains of Canaanite sanctuaries and the Phoenician mound in the northern part of the city. There is also a museum of the local history and a castle of Montfort in the vicinity, so we went there as well.
21nahariya-israel.jpg Author: Nefer
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