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Nassau. Do You Know Where It Is? P.1.

Nefer • 4 minutes read • October 27th, 2015
This was the first time I saw


. Woke up, looked out the window and saw the capital of the Bahamas. The ship (

Majesty of the Seas

) moored in port, we hastily had breakfast, and went ashore.

In the building of port is customs, immigration control, cheerful music and a lot of people.

From here depart water taxis to nearby islands and boat trips.

I didn't know anything about


, so we booked a sightseeing tour around the city. In the Bahamas cars are right-hand drive. This is the sixth country with left-hand traffic, that I've visited.

First stop at Fort Fincastle. It was built in 1793 by Lord John Murray. This man was Governor of the Bahamas from 1787 to 1796.

Bahamian souvenirs.

A ticket for $1.

There are still cannons in the Fort Fincastle, though they've never been needed.

Cannons are aimed towards the harbor, where now are the cruise ships.

The left ship is ours.

View from the Fort Fincastle on the souvenir lines.

Attraction number two is the Queen's Staircase. It consists of 65 steps, which symbolize the 65 years of Queen Victoria's reign. Staircase were started to be caved in the late eighteenth century, about 500 people worked on their creation.

Shot the stones closer. Guide was talking about them for a long.

Then we went to the Ardastra Gardens. They are portrayed as a reserve, in fact it is the usual zoo.

Animals and birds, to be honest, are more exotic.

I don't know who it is, so I photographed the sign.


The ferret is my little bunny at all, was posing so.

Who is this?

Everything is not like we were taught, peacocks are easily walking up and down along the tracks.

The peak was a flock of flamingos! Of course, they do not let to touch them, but you can get close enough!


Flamingo Arena. A few tourist groups get together, all seat under thatched sheds, and a man chases flamingo around a circle, for everybody to be able to photograph them. Such a show.

Especially kids were having fun, there was a group of local schoolchildren.

Peacock-blonde. Just lying on her own in the shade under a bush.


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Author: neferjournal
Translated by: Gian Luka

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