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Nassau. Do You Know Where It Is? P.2.

Nefer • 5 minutes read • October 27th, 2015
First part: Nassau. Do You Know Where It Is?
We are on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas capital city of


. It is a small sightseeing tour. In the picture, there is a complex of fortifications. On maps, it is designated as Fort Charlotte, actually there are other two - Fort Stanley in the middle and a small Fort D'arcy, attached later.

Fort Charlotte was built in 1787-1978 and named in honor of Queen Saharia Charlotte - wife of King George III. The entrance ticket costs $5, but if you are with a local guide, the price is reduced to $3. The complex is large enough, you can walk along the walls, explore the dungeon and get down into it. By the way, this Fort was not used in hostilities, as well as the Fort Fincastle.

View from the Fort's walls.

We entered on this bridge - it is in the first photo. The house on the right is the ticket-office.

Downing in the dungeon.

Cannons are mobile, they could be turned on rails from side to side.

The tour ended and we went exploring the city on foot. Bay Street is on the photo, it is next to the port. This is a downtown of Nassau, all activity happens on this street. There are many shops, restaurants, cafes and clubs on Bay Street.


Straw Market. We didn't went there.

But in the shops - we did. Souvenirs are the same as everywhere: t-shirts, cups, towels, beach bags, magnets. We bought a couple of copies with an appropriate inscription, because who knows if we would be lucky enough to get to the Bahamas again.

Walked till the end of the street and went back.

Probably, it is forbidden to photograph the police, but they are so nice.

Walking along the Bay Street.

Our liner

Majesty of the Seas

. But we are going further.

Who are these women - Georgianna Symonette and Mary Ingraham?
And here are two unsigned ladies, probably, it's believed that they are already know to everyone. Christmas tree looks especially nice in this weather.
There are a lot of tourists. Everything is aimed to ensure that you have fun and spend your money.
Here is a square and a monument to somebody.
The street is quite pleasant. Colonial architecture gives Nassau some flavor.
And this is Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island. It's a luxury complex, which offers to spend your time actively. Some of our liner's passengers desired to spend the day there instead of walking around the city. The "menu" consists of snorkeling, parasailing or even swimming with dolphins.
We returned on the ship for lunch and went further.
There is Hard Rock Cafe and Starbucks in Nassau.
Now, we are walking across Bay Street. We are moving inland. Here you can see completely different Nassau. We passed by these little houses during the tour and decided to try to find them on our own. Some of them are empty and abandoned.
We saw a horrible giant tree.
Here is Rawson Square.
When we got absolutely tired, we went back to the port, passed all the formalities, and returned on the ship, in the cabin. We lied, relaxed, ate, and went to rest again with a mighty heave:)
We departed at midnight. So we even had time to see evening Nassau.
Next morning, we were on another island - Cococay Bahamas.
Author: neferjournal
Translated by: Gian Luka

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