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National Museum of Oman

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The National Museum of Oman, formerly known as the Museum of Bait Assayed / Nadir bin Faisal bin Turki, is a national museum, located off A'Noor Street in Ruwi, Oman.

Established in 1978, the museum contains silver ornaments, copper crafts and displays of Omani ships. The museum has a section dedicated to the belongings of Al Busaidi dynasty, and the rulers of Zanzibar. The museum also has a highly important 8th century letter by the Prophet Mohammed to the rulers of Oman spreading the Islamic faith to the country.

The museum also has a number of display items like bangles, jewelry, pendants and copper items and some personal belongings of Al Sayyidah Salimah Bint Said Bin Sultan, which includes much of the museums silverware.



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