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National Sun Yat-sen University

Gushan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU; Chinese: 國立中山大學) is a public research university located in Sizihwan, Gushan District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It is essentially a national think tank, more than half its organizations are research centers. Despite its medium size, NSYSU is considered as one of the most prestigious universities in Cross-Strait Economic Zone. In Taiwan, it is best mathematics research college, 6th best ranked higher education institution, and 3rd best ranked business school, furthermore, one of 50 best universities under the age of 50 worldwide.

Named after Dr. Sun Yat-sen, NSYSU was founded in 1980 as a re-established version of the original Sun Yat-sen University. This re-establishment has been made possible through the efforts of alumni of both the original Sun Yat-sen University and the historical Moscow Sun Yat-sen University.

NSYSU comprises six colleges and contains several research institutes founded by the U.S. government, European Commission, and the Japanese government. It is well known for its oceanography, cutting-edge technologies, business management, political science, and Chinese studies programs. Its scholars maintain strong ties to industry and government officials. Its alumni include the first Chinese citizen from mainland to obtain a doctorate degree in Taiwan. It presently receives funding from the "Aim for the Top University Project" of Taiwan’s Ministry of Education and is one of the four universities that make up Taiwan's Public Ivy, the Taiwan Comprehensive University System.

NSYSU campus is a habitat and natural fortress, it's surrounded on four sides by sea and mountain.


In 1923, two years before his death, the Founding Father of the Republic of China (ROC), Dr. Sun Yat-sen, established two universities, one civil and one military. The civil university was National Kwangtung University (國立廣東大學, renamed National Sun Yat-sen University in 1926), and the military university was Whampoa Military Academy. Both universities generated remarkable contributions and played an important education role in modern Chinese history.

After National Sun Yat-sen University was established in Canton, it had to move south due to the Sino-Japanese War. The university moved first to Yunnan, and later to North Guangdong. Finally, in 1945, the university moved back to and resumed operations at its original campus in Canton.

In 1949, the government of the Republic of China moved to Taiwan. Its alumni expected the National Sun Yet-sen University (NSYSU) to be re-established in Taiwan, but the right timing never came along until 1980, when Moscow Sun Yat-sen University graduate, President Chiang Ching-kuo gave his approval, Dr. Lee Huan then led the project to establish the university on its current campus at Sizihwan in Kaohsiung City, the second largest metropolitan in Taiwan. Succeeding 5 presidents, all carried the tradition of nurturing the university's growth and development.

When it was established, the university had four departments, two graduate institutes, and 189 students. Today, the university has six colleges (Liberal Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Management, Marine Sciences, and Social Sciences) and over 9500 students, offering 18 undergraduate majors, 35 masters programs, and 26 doctorate programs. NSYSU has grown, and is now recognized as one of Taiwan's important research and learning institutions with international distinction.

In 2002 NSYSU was named by the Ministry of Education as one of the country's seven major research-intensive universities. Two years later, Its College of Management received AACSB accreditation and became the first AACSB accredited public university in Taiwan.

In 2006 and 2008, NSYSU received the first/second stage grant of the "Aim for the Top University Plan" from the Ministry of Education.

In 2012, NSYSU & UCSD Joint Symposium.


In history, all the Sun Yat-sen Universities were the products of single-party state, based-on the political ideology with socialism characteristics. In the beginning NSYSU staffs and students were members of Kuomintang (中國國民黨), today NSYSU is already a normally university with conservative atmosphere.

NSYSU is considered as the think tank for government policy and Southern Taiwan's industry, it is focused on the "Combination of Industry, Official and University". There are many professors also country's bureaucratic or NGO advisors.

Founding spirit
The Three Principles of the People (三民主義), a political philosophy developed by Sun Yat-sen.
Spiritual norm
  1. The Constant Promotion of Professional Excellence.
  2. The Contribution to Society through Cultivating Leaders across All Fields.
As Taiwan's UC San Diego.


Located alongside the Kaohsiung Harbor, the NSYSU campus faces the open waters of the Taiwan Strait. The Sizihwan beach sits right on campus which makes the campus one of the most beautiful campuses in Taiwan. There are several characteristics like:

Nature: Montane ecosystem, Marine ecosystem, Coral reef.
Artificial: a seaside resort, a tunnel, a Japanese historic site.

In addition, the campus contain a research station in Pratas Islands.

Academic rankings

  • Academic Ranking of World Universities
According to Academic Ranking of World Universities (2015), NSYSU ranks as the 5th university in Taiwan's national universities (447th worldwide).
Mathematics: 75-100th (1st Taiwan).
Engineering: 101-150th
Computer science: 151-200th
  • Times Higher Education
According to Times Higher Education (2014-2015), NSYSU ranks as the 6th university in Taiwan (62nd Asia; 351st-400th worldwide).
  • THE 100 Under 50 university rankings
According to Times Higher Education ranking of the 100 best universities under the age of 50 (2014-2015), NSYSU ranks as the 2nd university in Taiwan (49th worldwide).
  • THES - QS World University Rankings
According to the THES - QS World University Rankings, NSYSU is within the world's 500 best universities, ranked at 401+ (2009).
  • Taiwan's World TOP 1000 Business School
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International Exchange

Every year there are about 50 international exchange students that come to study courses, mostly management and business focused, in English and learn about Taiwanese culture as well as some of the varieties of Chinese. The university also has a separate language institute where fee-paying students can study Mandarin and Taiwanese. There are also around the same number of out-going exchange students each year to NSYSU's partner universities. NSYSU has an active International Student Association. In 2009-2010 well over 250 international students were members of the association at NSYSU, participating in over 20 student events. ISA has five key points: Student Services, Public Services, Social Events, Sports and Scholarship. The 2010-2011 International Student Executive Board will tentatively be elected in the fall of 2010 at NSYSU. The Office of International Affairs at NSYSU has traditionally monitored the election process.

Notable alumni

List in Chinese version
Hsieh Tung-min
Lu Ruihua
Su Chia-chyuan
Chen Chu
Xi Zezong
Yuei-An Liou
Hwang Yau-tai
Yang Huimin
Yang Cho-chen


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