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Natural History Museum In Maputo City, Mozambique

Isurok • 3 minutes read • February 19th, 2017
1natural-history-museum-in-maputo-city-mozambique.jpgThere's such a nice museum in the city of


in Mozambique. The museum was built by the Portuguese colonialists.
2natural-history-museum-in-maputo-city-mozambique.jpgThis installation is placed in the foyer between halls.
3natural-history-museum-in-maputo-city-mozambique.jpgThese are the rhinos. God forbid you to meet them. The Mozambicans, they have plagued all the rhinos.
4natural-history-museum-in-maputo-city-mozambique.jpgHere are the crocodiles. Were we on a tour on the Limpopo River, which previously had been inhabited by crocodiles. Nowadays there are no crocodiles in the Limpopo River.
5natural-history-museum-in-maputo-city-mozambique.jpgHere is the most ancient fish as of today. Moreover, it's a gorefish.
6natural-history-museum-in-maputo-city-mozambique.jpgThis is a saw-fish.
7natural-history-museum-in-maputo-city-mozambique.jpgThis is some prehistoric exhibit.
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