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Nature of Sint Maarten. P1

Anich • 5 minutes read • November 14th, 2016
This is the first part of my story about the natural world of 

Saint Maarten

Let this unknown-to-science bird be the title photo of the review!
At first I thought it was a hummingbird - it was very tiny, but for some reason, I had doubts.
While driving toward 

Maho Beach

, we passed this field of grazing cows.
To put it mildly, there was almost no fresh grass...
Their eyes were kind and sad.
I really love them :)
Here's a small, gentle butterfly.
We continued driving along the road, and then we saw something crawling across it.
It was a turtle.
I was afraid that not all the drivers were so conscious and that the turtle was at great risk of being hit by a car. So, I decided to help her cross the road  :)
If I correctly identified its species, it was a red-footed tortoise.
A few minutes later, we met this handsome guy, who was safely walking along the cars.
At first I was delighted with such a meeting (I love cows!), but when I looked at this "cow" closer, my joy diminished :)))
And again, I could not figure out what this was.
Buffalo? Zebu?
It is clear that this is not a wild bull, according to the markings on its ears, but when such a machine is casually walking down the street, it looks impressive))
The island has a lot of lakes, which are home to numerous herons. 
It looks like an "S"! ))
- Madam, let me invite you to dance!
- I'm sorry, I do not dance!
- Well, it's your choice!
I'd like to write here something like "There was a green grasshopper sitting in the grass" but it was sitting on the hood of our car :)
There were a lot of iguanas on 

Sint Maarten;

 they were very big and very beautiful!
We saw the most iguanas on a small meadow near the town of Grand Case.
There was fruit falling from trees, which attracted them. 
There were a lot of them here, but, of course, many of them were afraid of me and ran into the bushes.
They were very bright and beautiful!
I'm not very good at film making, but I could not resist showing you this lovely short video about dancing iguanas accompanied by Carlos Santana :)

Let's return to animals that are more common for us - we met this band of grazing goats.
Here's a hermit crab. It's a good thing we saw it and didn't feel it under foot...
Of course, this is not so much nature as it is food . . . 
But the size of this lobster really impressed me. I wonder how much it will cost? :)
Here are cute donkeys near one of the beaches.
And it's just impossible to go somewhere without cats! 
Let's continue our acquaintance with the natural world of Saint Maarten's - Nature of Saint Maarten. P.2!
Author: Anich
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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