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New Caledonia From Above. P1

mff • 4 minutes read • March 21st, 2017
If you take a plane in the area of the Australian Great Barrier Reef and fly east, you will see

New Caledonia

2 hours later. This is the third largest island in Oceania (after New Zealand and New Guinea).

It may take a couple of days to travel around New Caledonia by car. But we went to the smaller (among two) capital airport Magenta (IATA: GEA, ICAO: NWWM) (a couple of kilometers from the center of Noumea), and we flew over New Caledonia for some four hours by helicopter:
2new-caledonia-from-above.jpgNew Caledonia is the French colony.


is its capital: most of 230,000 inhabitants of the island live there.
3new-caledonia-from-above.jpgNoumea is admirable: small streets run from the green hills to the ocean, surfers catch a wave, divers examine the reef, and the French men enjoy baguettes and high cuisine.
4new-caledonia-from-above.jpgIt looks like "Nice in the Pacific".
5new-caledonia-from-above.jpgNew Caledonia does not look like the usual island of Oceania: first, even if you climb a mountain in the center of the island, you will not see the ocean around (it's huge!).
6new-caledonia-from-above.jpg7new-caledonia-from-above.jpg8new-caledonia-from-above.jpgThere are highways with junctions and toll gates!
9new-caledonia-from-above.jpgThe industry doesn't stand still.
10new-caledonia-from-above.jpgAll the cities except Noumea, are microscopic.
11new-caledonia-from-above.jpgHere's Thio, a commune in the South Province:
12new-caledonia-from-above.jpgWe flew northwards along the east coast. In 1864, nickel ore was discovered on the island, and nowadays New Caledonia has one of the largest reserves of nickel ore in the world. Since then, the export of nickel and ore makes the lion's share of the GDP of the colony, and the east coast has turned into Moria.
13new-caledonia-from-above.jpgThe tops of the mountains are razed, the rains and the wind are washing the solid out into the sea.
14new-caledonia-from-above.jpg15new-caledonia-from-above.jpgThe erosion is beautiful and terrifying:
16new-caledonia-from-above.jpg17new-caledonia-from-above.jpg18new-caledonia-from-above.jpg19new-caledonia-from-above.jpg20new-caledonia-from-above.jpgThe ore is driven from the mountains to the sea along the long conveyors:
21new-caledonia-from-above.jpg22new-caledonia-from-above.jpg23new-caledonia-from-above.jpg24new-caledonia-from-above.jpg25new-caledonia-from-above.jpg26new-caledonia-from-above.jpgHere's the commune Kouaoua:
27new-caledonia-from-above.jpg28new-caledonia-from-above.jpg29new-caledonia-from-above.jpgOnly half of the nickel is smelted on the spot, the rest is sent to the outside world directly in the form of ore:
30new-caledonia-from-above.jpg...first by barges, and then by dry cargo:
31new-caledonia-from-above.jpg32new-caledonia-from-above.jpgWe flew eastwards of New Caledonia.
33new-caledonia-from-above.jpgThere are waterfalls!
34new-caledonia-from-above.jpg35new-caledonia-from-above.jpg36new-caledonia-from-above.jpg37new-caledonia-from-above.jpg38new-caledonia-from-above.jpg39new-caledonia-from-above.jpgThere were also some drawings on the rocks.
40new-caledonia-from-above.jpg41new-caledonia-from-above.jpgThe second part of the review you can find here.
Author: mff
Translated by: Zoozi

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