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New Caledonia. The Isle Of Pines. P1

xorolik • 3 minutes read • June 18th, 2016
Many famous travel publications have repeatedly called 

the Isle of Pines 

to be "the most beautiful island in the world".
1newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgThe island is located in the Pacific Ocean near the island of New Caledonia and is a member of the French overseas territory of New Caledonia. The island is 9.3 miles (15 km) in length and 8 miles (13 km) in width. 1969 people inhabit it.
The whole population is divided into eight tribes: Gadji, Wapan, Touete, Ouatchia, Youwaty, Vao, Comagna, Kere. Each of the tribes has its own leader who reports to the supreme leader of the whole island. 
The main and the official language of the island is French.
The island was discovered in 1774 by James Cook during his second voyage around the world. He called it the 

Isle of Pines because of

 the local tree Araucaria columnaris. 
We were greeted by a performance of local Aborigines on the shore.
2newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg3newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg4newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgThere are several tents with souvenirs.
5newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgThe weather was good! There was a blue sky, turquoise ocean, flowers, palm trees… What a beauty!
6newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg7newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgThe roads on the island are good, there are practically no cars!
8newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg9newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgThe observation deck is situated along the road.
10newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg11newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg12newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgThe village of Vao is the only settlement of the island. There are a school, a church, a hospital, shops, and a post office.
13newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg14newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg15newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg16newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg17newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg18newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg19newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgHere’s the airport.
20newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgThere are such phones all around the island.
21newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgThese are the pine trees and the road to the north of the island.
22newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg23newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg24newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgHere’s the northern part of the island, the Haji lagoon.
25newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg26newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg27newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg28newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgWhat a trash arrangement!
Author: xorolik
Translated by: Zoozi

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