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New Caledonia. The Isle Of Pines. P2

xorolik • 4 minutes read • June 18th, 2016
We continue our trip on 

the Isle of Pines

, New Caledonia. Here’s a monument to St. Joseph.
30newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgThis is Saint-Maurice. French missionaries landed here first. There is a statue of Christ surrounded by Kanak totems.
31newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg32newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgThere is such a fence everywhere on the 


33newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg34newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgHere are local housings.
35newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgHere’s a cave Grotte de Hortense. There’s a friendly old lady selling tickets.
36newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg37newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgIn order to reach the cave, you need to go through the wild rainforest.
38newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg39newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgThe cave is named after Queen Hortense, wife of the local chief who was hiding there for several months during the inter-tribal conflict in 1855.
41newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgHanging stalactites, twilight... it seems like you are in a fairy tale!
42newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgThis is a Kanumera Bay beach. Snorkeling is very good here.
43newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg44newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgThere are traces of a recent storm.
45newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg46newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg47newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgVery beautiful fairy tale trees grow nearby.
48newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg49newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgThere’s a Kuto Beach on the opposite side. Our ship is moored in this bay. This is an uncrowded beach less than a mile in length. It has fine white sand and a good entrance into the water.
50newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgThe water in the ocean is 82 degrees (+28 degrees C)!
51newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg52newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg53newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg54newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgThere’s a Piscine Naturelle not far from our hotel. It is a natural saltwater pool! It is a very nice place and there's good snorkeling there!
55newcaledonia-iledespins.jpg56newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgOne can also climb the Cape Pic N'Ga offering beautiful views of the island and the ocean. But it’s not easy to get there. It takes 2 hours each way, and you need to have sports shoes to ascend over rocks and up the hill. We went half-way and, unfortunately, came back, as it was impossible to walk in flip-flops. 
Here’s a view of the island from a liner.
57newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgThis is a sunset.
58newcaledonia-iledespins.jpgOur cruise came to an end! Thank you for traveling with us! 

New Caledonia. The Isle Of Pines. P1

Author: xorolik
Translated by: Zoozi

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