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New Mangalore, India

Mangalore (Mangaluru) — is a port city and the headquarters of Dakshina Kannada district in the coastal region of Karnataka State in India.

Mangalore is the gateway to Karnataka.
Traditionally, it was an important trading port with ties with the Persian Gulf states dating back to the 14th century. With its strategic location, it was occupied by a number of dynasties and colonial rulers, namely the Portuguese in the mid-16th century. In the 18th century, its control was contested by Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan on one hand and the British on the other. Under the Mysore sultans (1763), it became a strategic ship building base, which was ceded to the British in 1799 after numerous sieges.

Mangalore is one of the fastest developing cities in India. Many multinational corporations and domestic corporations are opening their branches in Mangalore. Many reputed builders are bringing huge development... Read more

New Mangalore, India


Mangalore (Mangaluru) — is a port city and the headquarters of Dakshina Kannada district in the coastal region of Karnataka State in India.

Mangalore is the gateway to Karnataka.
Traditionally, it was an important trading port with ties with the Persian Gulf states dating back to the 14th century. With its strategic location, it was occupied by a number of dynasties and colonial rulers, namely the Portuguese in the mid-16th century. In the 18th century, its control was contested by Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan on one hand and the British on the other. Under the Mysore sultans (1763), it became a strategic ship building base, which was ceded to the British in 1799 after numerous sieges.

Mangalore is one of the fastest developing cities in India. Many multinational corporations and domestic corporations are opening their branches in Mangalore. Many reputed builders are bringing huge development projects. There is very good growth in the retail sector and many new shopping malls are being built. Infosys Technologies has 2 Development Centers in Mangalore with over 3000 employees. Cognizant has its development center on MG Road. MphasiS has its India Training Center based near Mangalore Club. Corporation Bank and Karnataka Bank have their headquarters inside the city and Syndicate Bank HQ is in Manipal. Other industries are Polaris, Thomson Reuters Omnesys, MRPL, MCF, BASF, KIOCL, Ultratech Cement Plant are some of the other industries in the city.

Mangalore is also known as the 'Cradle of Education' in Karnataka with 16 Engineering(Nitk, surathkal being the rank 1 engineering college and MIT (manipal) being second), 6 Medical, 3 Dental, 12 MBA, 11 Physiotherapy, 8 Hotel Management and 58 Graduation colleges in and around the city.

Mangalore is a blend of the new and the old! With the increasing influx of students from various states of India and different parts of the world, Mangalore has virtually become a 'melting pot' of cultures, given the various communities that make up the social framework of Mangalore: the Tuluvas (Bunts, Billawas, Mogaveeras, Kulals,Brahmins,Jains,Devadigas,Chitpavan's), the Brahmins, the Konkani Catholics, the Bearys, the Goud-Saraswath Brahmins (Konkanas),Devang's(M'lore Kannada, Tulu, M'lore Malayalam) etc.

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New Mangalore, India: Port Information

Cruise ships dock at the New Mangalore Port. It is located 10 kilometers away from the city center.
There is a modern cruise terminal with good facilities.
Usually, cruise lines provide shuttle service to the city center.
Rickshaws and taxis are also available.
Besides, you can use public transport.

Get around New Mangalore, India

By bus

There are numerous private bus companies which run bus services within the city of Mangalore and its suburbs. They have names like Padmambika Bus Co. Ltd. emblazoned in large letters in English on the front windscreen of the bus and on its sides. These buses also connect to all the minor urban centers surrounding Mangalore. Most of them originate from the Central Bus Stand at Mangalore behind the Town Hall: It is known as the 'State Bank' bus-stand.

Even though the buses are operated by different private companies, the bus numbering scheme is unified and quite useful. The destinations and routes are, however, all written in Kannada. The best way to use these buses is to ask around and the people are most helpful. If you are armed with a city map, one can get the hang of things within a day or so. In addition city bus service, there is limited stop (usually called express) bus service (the majority of these are run by various private bus companies) for inter-town/city traveling to neighboring places. You may find these useful to visit places like Udupi, Manipal, Kaup, Karkala etc. 

By cab

White Ambassador Cabs/Indicas are available: usually used by passengers on long-haul routes. Shared cabs are also available for travel between the city and other talukas viz. Bantwal (BC Road), etc. Prepaid cabs are available from the airport to the city.

Car-Rent facilities are also available in Mangalore.

By autorickshaws

They are available all throughout Mangalore City. Pre-paid autos were available from the City Railway Station and the KSRTC bus stand at Bejai, but not any more. Autos also ply to far-off destinations, the outskirts, for one-and-a-half times the actual fare.

What to see in New Mangalore, India

Most of the places to see are monuments of religious importance. A few of the important ones are listed below.

  • Adyapady Adinatheshwara, Bajpe.
  • Bhagavathi Kshetra, Kudroli.
  • Carstreet Venkataramana Temple.
  • Kadri Manjunatheswara.
  • Kalangan Konkani Heritage Centre, Shakthi Nagar (7 km from Mangalore).
  • Kateel Durgaparameshwari.
  • Kudroli Gokarnanatha.
  • Mangaladevi Temple.
  • Mariyamma Temple.
  • Milagres Church, Hampankatta.
  • Rosario Cathedral, Bolar.
  • St. Aloysius Chapel, Lighthouse Hill.
  • Someshwar Somanath Temple, Someshwar (14km South of Mangalore City).
  • Sharavu Ganapathi Temple.
  • Shree Shanaishchara Temple, Bajpe.
  • Sulthan Battery.
  • Ullal Darga (Ullal Juma Masjid).
  • Urwa Marigudi.

What to do in New Mangalore, India

  • Adventure: For the adventurous, the Western Ghats near Mangalore provide an ideal location to get lost in the dense jungles.
  • Pilikula Nisarga Dhama is about 12 km from the city and is a tourist spot with "Manasa" water theme park, animal park, boating, science center, arboretum, golf course, etc., all in one place.
  • Surf: India's first surf club "Mantra Surf Club" is located just 24 km from Mangalore at Mulki. Just board an EXPRESS Bus heading towards Udupi and get down in Mulki. Ask for "Hare Krishna Ashram". 
  • Swim: Mangalore has many clean and beautiful beaches:
    • Kapu Beach is about 45 km to the north. It can be reached by local express buses in 45 minutes. The beach has a lighthouse which is open to visitors.
    • Malpe Beach is about 60 km to the north. It can be reached by local express buses. This beach has a resort. Also, there is a small island of the beach about 15 minutes boat ride. Local ferry runs every 30 minutes or so. The last ferry back from the island is at 5 PM.
    • Panambur Beach is in Panambur, 10 km to the north of the city, near the New Mangalore Port and along the confluence of the Gurupur river and the Arabian Sea. This is comparatively more deserted and is a great spot for safe and secluded swimming. Panambur is well connected by bus and can also be reached by autorickshaw from the city center.
    • Someshwar Beach is in Ullal, 11 km to the south of the city, near the confluence of the Netravati River and the Arabian Sea. The beachface is extremely rocky and considered dangerous for swimming. However, it is a great place to relax and watch the spectacular sunsets. Ullal is accessible by bus, train, and autorickshaw from the city center.
    • Suratkal Beach is about 15 km to the north of the city. It has a beautiful lighthouse and a few rocks. The biggest thing on this beach is its "sand." It's totally different from all other beaches that it is powder like as compared to sand type feeling at all other beaches. You can confirm it by walking barefoot on the beach. This beach has a resort named "Red Rock Residency" where people come every weekend to enjoy.
    • Tannirbavi Beach is one of the best beaches in Mangalore. One can enjoy the sunset view here. It is located at a distance of 12 km from Mangalore. You can also take a ferry from several spots in the City to the beach. One of the most popular ways is to take the ferry from Sulthan Battery.

What to eat and drink in New Mangalore, India


Udupi-style restaurants

There are numerous small restaurants where one can gorge on cheap food as long as one likes South Indian food. The most typical ones are the Udupi-style restaurants which serve the staple fare of idli, wada and a variety of dosas. You can wash them down with some home-grown filter coffee or tea.

One of the more famous Udupi-style restaurants is the Woodlands situated on Bunts Hostel Road which has preserved its old-world quaintness. The gentry of Mangalore drive into its courtyard and remain seated in their cars. Nimble-footed waiters with their white mundus hitched up scamper around to serve them their food which is eaten inside the cars.

The lunch menu in Woodlands is particularly tasty if you like typical South Indian food. Lunch includes two varieties of rice, normal rice and Boiled rice (Kerala style). The tiffin menu (evening) also is delicious with several choices. The dinner menu is very plain and contains many repeat dishes.

  • Hotel Ayodhya is famous for authentic Mangalore style food items. Try appam, ghee dose, vastad roti, parota/tingalavare song.
  • Janata Deluxe also serves authentic Udupi style food items.
  • Taj Mahal, located in two different locations in Mangalore (Hampankatta & Kodialbail). The Coffee served in Taj Mahal is regarded by many to be the best coffee available anywhere — the exact contents of the coffee powder used are kept a secret, Taj Mahal has a lot of patrons who visit the restaurant almost ritualistically thrice a day. Apart from the coffee, there are a wide variety of dishes available including the dosas.

North-Indian Cuisine

  • If you are looking for North Indian food, you are not spoilt for choice. Some of the larger hotels have a larger menu but the food is not particularly appetizing. One important joint in this category would be the restaurant at Hotel Srinivas on G.H.S Road: awesome food at great prices (vegetarian-only).
  • Otherwise for the Mughlai-tandoori variety, don't forget to check out The Royal Darbar (Bendorewell-Kankanady Road) and The Mogul Treat (at Highlands, opposite Highland Hospital).
  • Biryani Paradise (Kankanady-Pumpwell road).
  • Chicken Tikka Halal (Saibeen complex)
  • Shetty's Kori roti (near Canara College) it supplies Mangalore style chicken curry with Kori roti (rice papads).


Try such dishes as Kane Rava fry, Anjal Masala fry, and Manji Masala fry.

  • Amantran (Attavar, near the city railway station) is a must try for seafood.
  • Anupama (Bunts Hostel)
  • Bombay Lucky (next door Bunder Police station) is the best place to eat after late night parting. Its a typical greasy food joint serves tasty ghee rice, rice pathari, biriyani, fried chicken, mutton dishes (Bit greasy but good really good to settle your post-party starving). Must try their black tea with lime after food.
  • Coconut Grove. At hotel Kumar's International is the most famous for mouth-watering world delicacies in mangalore (opp Colaco hospital, bendore main road)
  • Goldfinch Restaurants (balmatta).
  • Kings Court (highway near Kottara Chowki)
  • Madhuvan's Village (Yeyyadi).
  • Maharaja (near Jyoti)
  • Narayana Hotel at Bunder is famous for delicious Mangalore style fish fry with fish curry rice.
  • Palkhi (Jyothi circle)
  • Manja's (Giri manja), Near Mukhya prana Temple, Lower car street. Local fish delicacies

Kerala cuisine

Another category of small eateries is the Malayali joints. As Mangalore is adjacent to Kerala, it has a fair share of Malayalis who patronize these places. You will see that these eateries have their names written in large letters in the Malayalam script. They provide a selection of non-vegetarian food prepared in typical Kerala-style. A famous place to cite in this category would be Kairali Restaurant, near the Railway Station behind Milagres Church.

Premium Restaurants

If you're ready to spend a little more money to give yourself and your family that perfect tummy treat while in Mangalore, visit the various restaurants around which offer varied cuisines of your choice and taste, at a price! The 'Chicken Ghee Roast', which is a delicacy specifically of Dakshina Kannada is available at many of the premium restaurants.

Some of the famous restaurants:

  • Amazon, Mg Road, Empire Mega Mall.
  • Coconut Grove. Opp Colaco Hospital, Bendore main road, Kankanady
  • Diesel Café, Mischief--SCS Hospital Road, Balmatta.
  • Gajalee. Circuit House Compound, Kadri Hills
  • Goldfinch Restaurants. Bunts Hostel Road.
  • Hotel Abhiman Residency. Kadri Road near Bunts Hostel.
  • Kadal, Light House Hill Road (Nalapad Residency) Enjoy fine-dine with overlooking the Mangalore skyline.
  • Kudla, Balmatta Road.
  • Madhuvan's Village. Yeyyadi.
  • Maharaja, Bunts Hostel Road.
  • Mainland China, Mahaveer Circle (Pumpwell)
  • Memories Of Joanna, (Summer Sands beach resort, Ullal)
  • Mughul Treat, Falnir, Highlands.
  • The Ocean Pearl, Kodial Bail.
  • Paalkhi, (Balmatta Road) A four-star restaurant. Great food but will be heavy on your wallet.
  • Pegasus, Jeppina Moger.
  • Pegz, K.S.Rao Road, Veg Bar n restaurant.
  • Royal Durbar, Kankanady.
  • The Saffron. The Saffron boutique Hotel, GHS Road Hampankatta
  • Trishna, (Padavinangadi)--three floors of themed restaurants. Punjaabi Dhaaba remains the city's favorite.

Ice cream and Snacks

Mangalore is often labeled 'ice cream town' for the boom in the number of parlors in and around the city. Some of the most famous ones include:

  • Bon Bon's Bakery, Yeyyadi, near Madhuvan Village. Tiny place run by an old lady (gives a very homely feel to it) with absolutely awesome French Cakes and pastries, a must-taste. Hot favorite here is the "Day and Night" pastry.
  • Cherry Square, Next to SCS Hospital.
  • Cochin Bakery Three outlets throughout Mangalore, at Ceebees tower on Old Pumpwell Road (Kankanady), at A.B. Shetty Circle (near State Bank) and at Padua Circle (opposite Padua High School)
  • Complex's, "Joofris" in the ground floor.
  • Cream Caramel, Saibeen Shopping Complex. Mouth watering pastries, cakes, pizzas & other products.
  • Crumbz,(besides Deepa Comfort Hotel, Opposite A.B.Shetty Dental College - Deralakatte, Opposite Canara High School - Dongerkery and in Kankanady)
  • Danish Bakes, Bendorewell Road. (A.R.D'Souza Complex)
  • Dino's, Awesome snacks and pastries. Located at Falnir, behind Misbah Supermarket.
  • Ideals Ice Cream. ', Hampankatta. There are three parlors (2 ideals, proximity located 200 meters of one another. One is located near the Milgres junction and the other one is near the next junction heading towards the market) 3rd one 'Pabba's', at Lalbagh diagonally facing Saibeen Complex. Ideals is marked as one of the best ice cream in DK when you are in Mangalore this is a must try place. You have to try out "GADBAD" ice cream which is only available in Ideals and the best of all ice creams. Gadbad icecream is an old favorite which has dry fruits and fresh ones chopped up with nuts, layered with ice cream (strawberry and vanilla) and topped off with Jello. Hot favorites are "CHOCOLATE DAD" and "TIRAMISU."
  • Komal's, Hampankatta, adjacent to Ideals (Milagres junction). Sells good Indian sweets.
  • Mahalaxmi Sweets and Chaats, Kankanady.
  • Minimelts ice cream, available in Saibeen, Bharath Mall and Empire Mall
  • Pabba's, at Lalbagh diagonally facing Saibeen Complex. Is also one of the outlets of Ideals.
  • Pop Tates, in Balmatta area, opposite Cafe Coffee Day and adjacent to Froth On Top.
  • Snack-Shack, (beside Move'n'Pick Supermarket at Valencia)
  • Srinidhi Juice & Snacks, Opp to Joy Alukas Jewellery, Next to Petrol bunk, Falnir, 18-year-old shop, Serves Fresh Fruit Juices, Fruit Chat, Lassi, Maggie, Pav Bhaji & other Snacks.
  • Srinidhi Juice & Snacks, Opp to Srinivasa Theater (Balaji), B.E.M High School Road, Carstreet, 50-year-old shop, Serves Fresh Fruit Juices, Fruit Chat, Lassi, Maggie, Pav Bhaji & other Snacks.

International Flavours

If you're in for the other famous & international eating places, try:

  • Baskin Robbins (Bharath Mall, City Center Mall)
  • Bon Bons Bakery (Yeyyadi, near Madhuvan Village) Excellent Cakes and pastries, one should try out.
  • Cafe Coffee Day (Bharath Mall, Empire Mall & Oberle Towers, Balmatta and 6 other outlets )
  • ChicKing (Empire Mall, City center Mall)
  • Domino's Pizza (Bendorwell and Kodialbail Opp Ocean Pearl).
  • Hao Ming Chinese Restaurant (Balmatta)
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken (city center mall ks. rao road, and Times Square, Kadri)
  • Pizza Hut (Bharath Mall and City Centre Mall).
  • Subway (Food court @ City center mall)


Fruit Juice and Cold Drinks

An array of mini fruit juice stalls dot every nook and cranny of Mangalore City; at bus stops, near shopping areas, etc. that serve the usual fare of juices and milkshakes. Name it and it's all there for you. But this is not recommended if your gut is not immune to such juices! Normal restaurants would definitely be a hygienic alternative!

A must visit place: Srinidhi Juice & Snacks, Opp to Srinivasa Theater(Balaji), B.E.M High School Road, Carstreet, 50-Year-old shop, Serves Fresh Fruit Juices, Fruit Chat, Lassi, Maggie, Pav Bhaji & other Snacks.

Tendercoconut (Local language called Bonda / Shiyala )is available in plenty.

Aerated cold drinks like Coke & Pepsi are also available, just as in any other part of the world. Try out the local varieties, such as 'Zaffa' or 'Joy' for taste. If you want to have hygienically flavored sugarcane juice, then you will find a joint in Bharath Mall. You will wonder how much technology has changed these days!

Another must visit place is the Temple Square (Car street). The juice shop to check out is the one located between School book company & an Ayurvedic medicine shop. This juice shop specializes in dishing out concoctions made up of locally grown berries. Famous flavors include "Nannari," "Jaljeera," "Hingastak," "Birinda," and the rest is up to you to explore. The juice shop perfectly complements the fried delicacies served at "Balli's podi" located right across the street. It's the best place to eat "podis" in Mangalore. The mouthwatering hot podis are irresistible.

Coffee Shops

Well there's the usual Cafe Coffee Day with its main outlet at Balmatta and four others at Deralakatte bang opposite the A.B. Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences campus, at the ONGC-MRPL Complex at Katipalla, Surathkal (near Infant Mary Church) and two new outlets opened recently, at the Empire Mega Mall (MG Road) and at Bharath Mall (Opposite KSRTC Bus Stand, Bejai). The outlets offer the youth a good hangout and a place to chill.

If you're game for just plain filter coffee, without the extra hype, try out any of the Udupi cafes. Like the Taj Mahal hotels at Car Street, Hampankatta and Town Hall areas.


And yes... if you're looking for that perfect night out with friends over a couple of beers or vodka, you can either buy your liquor from the many wineshops around: for example, HI-SPIRITS (Bendoorwell-Kankanady), rajaram wines (bolar) or you can check out the various resto-bars/lounge bars in the city. Some of the famous ones include:

  • Amazon, Empire Mega mall, M.G.Road Lalbagh.
  • Dolphin, Mallikatta.
  • Froth on Top, Balmatta. Though they serve only Beer and Wine, they're reputed for their ambiance, hookah and if you're lucky, the occasional get the guitar and start singing crowd.
  • Kainos (at Abhiman Residency in the Bunts Hostel Area).
  • Lawnsway Bar and Restaurant, Sturrock Rd, Falnir. You should definitely try chicken ghee-roast, mouth watering food.
  • The Liquid Lounge, Balmatta Road. The general youth hangout! - A legendary name in Mangalore.
  • Maharaja (Opposite Gold Finch, near Jyothi Circle). Well priced and yummy Tharu Boothai Fry
  • Mangala Bar n' Restaurant (Opp. Retreat House, Valencia).
  • Pegasus, Jeppinamogaru (near Fisheries College). It's very expensive but is a great place to hang out.
  • Rajaram Wines, Bolara Kepe Building, Near Ahwini Restaurant, Main Road, Bolar.
  • Village, Yeyyadi road. Known for its excellent ambiance.
  • Wine Gate, Balmatta. A liquor supermarket with another floor to dine and drink.
  • Wines and Spiritz, Times Square Kadri.

Shopping in New Mangalore, India

  • Empire Mall. The "Empire Mall" has the Nilgiris supermarket, Coffee Day, Amazon Multi cuisine restaurant and a few other retail chains. It also houses Combinations, a good store for artificial jewelry and cosmetic requirements, not as big as, but similar to Claire's.
  • Bharath Mall. The "Bharath Mall" has a Big Cinemas Multiplex, Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, PlanetM, Pizza Hut, Pantaloons, Coffee Day, Subway, Adidas, Reebok, Provogue, Planet Sports, Swawroski, Levi's(R), etc. just to name a few.
  • City Centre Mall. The City Centre Mall. It is on K.S. Rao Road. It has a retail space of almost 800,000 square feet. Lifestyle, Westside, Spencers, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Landmark have already opened up at the mall. World's 4 largest Mexican-based multiplex operator: Cinepolis is finishing up its 5 screen multiplex at the mall.

    Also, there is a Spar Hypermarket.

  • Forum Mall. Forum mall is opened in Mangalore in 2014 and is very spacious.
  • P.V.R.Cinemas and Mall. Near Corporation Bank Head Office. The most spacious mall in Mangalore.


There are various supermarkets across the city where you can get groceries & other daily items. A few of them are:

  • Aditya Birla's More for you (Attavar, Deralakatte, Kadri, Valencia, Kankanady, Chilimbi, Bendoor, Kodailbail, Barke, Kudroli)
  • Auchan Hypermarket (City center mall K.S. Rao Road)
  • Baliga's Supermarket (Near K.S.R.T.C., Bejai)
  • Big Bazaar & Food Bazaar (Bharath Mall Bejai, Mangaladevi Road )
  • Easy Day (opposite KMC Attavar)
  • Ganesh Bazaar (GHS Road)
  • Janatha Bazaar (GHS Road)
  • Jimmy's Supermarket, the official groceries supplier of C.P. and visitors (Nathoor Tollgate and Falnir)
  • Joofry's (Saibeen Complex, Lalbagh)
  • Nilgiri's (Empire Mall, Kankanady, Deralakatte)
  • Neelgiris, More, Reliance shopping marts are found commonly in Mangalore.
  • V Hypermart (Mischief mall k.s. Rao Road)

Apart from these, a few more supermarkets such as Spencers, Mark & Spencers, Reliance Fresh are expected to open their outlets in Mangalore.

Safety in New Mangalore, India

Malaria is endemic in Mangalore. So, don't forget to carry your mosquito repellent creams, mosquito mats, coils, liquidators, etc. along with you (let that be your first priority on your list of things to pack!). Consult your doctor for advice on malaria prophylaxis before you arrive in Mangalore. If you have the slightest idea of a fever with chills, rush yourself to a nearby hospital to get yourself checked.
Also, it is advisable to get yourself vaccinated for Hepatitis A (food-borne Hepatitis) in case you haven't been vaccinated already.
Three things will do more to prevent an upset stomach or other traveling aliments than anything else:
  • Always choose water from filters (Aquaguard water) or bottled mineral water, just to be on the safe side.
  • Carrying water free hand sanitizer is a must (Germ-X, Purell, etc.) Go ahead and eat with your hands like everyone else! Once you use your hand sanitizer your hands are cleaner than the silverware that was washed with water you don't want to drink.
  • Always choose foods that are steaming hot. Food is often prepared ahead of time so you want to see it cooked or see the steam coming off the food.
Hospitals in case of emergencies
  • K.M.C hospital - B.R.Ambedkar Circle (Opposite Jyothi Talkies), Yenepoya Hospital (V.T.Road), Indiana Hospital and Omega Hospital (NH17, Mahaveer circle).

Language spoken in New Mangalore, India

The number of languages spoken around here reflects the cultural diversity of Mangalore; Tulu (the most popular and most widely spoken language here, with a slight variation spoken by the Brahmin community), Kannada (the official state language), Konkani (three different versions exist: spoken by the Rajapur Saraswath Brahmins, spoken by the Konkani Catholics and another spoken by the Goud-Saraswaths). Beary is too spoken by Muslims. Haveeka is spoken by havyaka Brahmins. Malayalam is spoken by many as it is border to Kerala. English and Hindi are also widely spoken, so communication shouldn't be much of a problem.


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