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New Year Cruise

Ehlzhbeta Chegarova - prosto_gost • 8 minutes read • June 24th, 2016
This is the route of our New Year's cruise: 


- Malacca (Malaysia) - Penang (Malaysia) -


(Thailand) - Thilawa (Myanmar) - Porto Malai (Malaysia) - Port Klang (Malaysia) - Singapore - Nathon (Thailand) - Laem Chabang (Thailand) - Sihanoukville (Cambodia) - Phu My (Vietnam) - Nha Trang (Vietnam) - Da Nang (Vietnam) - Halong Bay (Vietnam) - 

Hong Kong


We decided to buy tickets to Hong Kong, and we got one sunny day there to see the main tourist points.

The city was preparing for Christmas:
We bought a day tour on the Sightseeing Bus, the price includes a ferry.
and access without standing in the line (which is huge!) to a tram to Victoria Peak:
The package also includes a boat tour. An islet of the traditional life in the heart of the metropolis is a fishing village in the Aberdeen Harbor. They live here in their fishing junks just like hundreds of years ago, apart from some of the modern conveniences.
Of course, they brought us to the famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant.
During one of my previous trips, I ran away from a group tour and didn't visit Jumbo, so I decided to visit it this time. This is an expensive place for organized tourist crowds with indifferent staff:
We were promised a free dessert with a coupon. It's just a common scam. We couldn't identify what it was:
After lunch, we sailed around the restaurant, to look at its kitchen:
In the evening, we had a ride on the bus, we got the best seats on the second deck by the windshield:
We walked along the pedestrian waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon Peninsula with breathtaking views on the panorama of the evening Hong Kong Island.
We flew to Singapore the next day. The last time we stayed at Orchard Road with mega-stores, and now I chose Clarke Quay - an area that is the entire shopping mall with plenty of bars, restaurants, clubs. Its popular attraction is the fountain with illumination and intricate jets of water spurting from under your feet. Clarke Quay is also a conditioned street, coolers are located directly on it.
You can go on a river trip to admire the stunning Singapore night illumination from a small pier at the waterfront.
It is a very nice area to stop before the cruise - there are only three stops without a transfer from the Clarke Quay MRT Station (NE5 line) to the Harbour Front cruise center, and there we decided to have dinner. We even went to a nightclub:
And in the morning we went for landing. Our 28-day cruise Asian Adventure Holiday begins.
A little bit of information about the ship Volendam - it's old and shabby, interiors are muddy, and the rest is as usual on Holland America ships. Food, however, is as always, at a high level.
Malacca (Malaysia). If not for the rain, from which we hid in a shopping center, the city is quite nice to walk around.
And we got to observe an interesting event, the so-called "Lion dances", which took place in the mall.
That's what it looked like:
We saw an authoritative jury, well-heeled coaches, a musical group in each team, and Lions performing difficult tricks there.
Penang (Malaysia) is an interesting cruise port.
Phuket (Thailand).
The morning of December 25 began at 7 am: Santa was taking pictures with children and presenting gifts under the Christmas tree in the theater. We were sitting in the library when I noticed an unusual New Year's team in the window.
Then we went ashore. There's a lot to do- you'll find a beach, Internet, massage, tom yam there.
Thilawa (Myanmar). It is a new port for cruises.
We had a quarantine on our cruise which is not surprising for this region. Just look, passengers eat this food in the ports being lured by such street offerings.
Someone ate something fried and washed down with a sugar cane drink (it is produced right in front of you).
and then all the passengers of the cruise have to suffer! Quarantine on the ship is a sad situation, it's good that Holland America takes effective measures to prevent the spreading of the disease.
And look at that - now, passengers are offered sandwiches in the dining room, to take them with you! So passengers can have a safe lunch while in port:
Porto Malai, Langkawi Island. It's a very nice port for those who want massage, Internet, tom yam. Note - I didn't say "the beach"! The fact is that there are a lot of jellyfish in the water that inexplicably attacked the local coast. 

Port Klang (Malaysia). Actually, there's nothing nice, it's just the gate for those who wish to see Kuala Lumpur. Our guys tried to get to the metropolis by public transportation (taxi, railway, underground) and realized that it was a mistake, it was better to take a taxi.

We returned to Singapore to transfer the passengers. We visited Gardens by the Bay and the Zoo.

Nathon (Thailand), Koh Samui. And again - the beach, the Internet, the massage, and tom yam. You can also go somewhere. But maybe next time.
Laem Chabang (Thailand). There is nothing to do, everyone goes to Pattaya or Bangkok. You'll be offered the inexpensive Internet and the expensive massage in the terminal (but you save money on the road).

Sihanoukville (Cambodia). This is an interesting cruise port.
Phu My (Vietnam). This is another crossing point for lovers of capitals - everyone goes to Ho Chi Minh City. We stayed in the library.

Nha Trang (Vietnam). There was perfect weather since the morning.
We were offered a shuttle service to the city center for $12 both ways. The city is cute, there is the beach, massage.
Da Nang (Vietnam). It's a cool port for the cruise - taxi costs $50 for six hours, a lot of attractions. There are also a beach, massage, and the Internet.
We took a taxi, and at first, the guy took us to the Marble Mountains, to the workshop.
Our goal this time is the city of Hoi An located on the banks of the Thu Bon River, 17 miles (30 km) south of Danang. This small city has an artistic atmosphere: one-story houses with tiled roofs and narrow streets, artists' studios and antique shops.
Halong Bay (Vietnam). Halong Bay is one of the most popular and well-known tourist destinations in Vietnam. There are more than 2000 islands, caves, and cliffs on its territory. The bay is located in northern Vietnam on the east coast. It is a fabulously beautiful place and the Vietnamese are proud to call the bay the eighth wonder of the world. The entire area of the bay with its numerous islands is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Our cruise ended in Hong Kong. Before flying home, we stopped for two days in Macau to spend the last money we had left after this long and intense voyage.

Information on the cruise:
Volendam, Holland America Line
28 days
The price for 1 bed in a cabin with a window - 2,333 USD (in 2015)
Author: Prosto_Gost
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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