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New Year Holidays, Caribbean Cruise On HAL

wwworld • 4 minutes read • November 11th, 2016
Our good friends recommended the 

Holland America

 cruise. They love a relaxing holiday, which offers the opportunity to relax after a frenzied rhythm of activity.
1new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpgHowever, standing in line for registration, I noted that the tourists were aged 60+.
2new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpgMany of the passengers onboard were in wheelchairs or blind. My family and I didn't seem to fit in with anyone. Even the atmosphere on the ship was very dull.
The main hall of the ship was more like a hall of farewell at a funeral home. There wasn’t the slightest hint of a festive mood, despite this being the New Year holidays...
3new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpgThe ship had no water slides or open decks, where concerts were held when the ship was at sea. But there were several reading rooms and a lecture hall.
4new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpgThere were two pools, which were almost always empty. There were about 25-30 children among 2,500 passengers!!!
HAL had an attendant who valet parked wheelchairs near the restaurant :)
5new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpgWe had a cabin with a balcony. It had a double bed, sofa, and a semi-double folding shelf for a fourth person.
Our cabin and the balcony weren’t clean enough.
The staff of HAL were mainly from Asia: Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, and so forth. Only the crew, who ran the ship, was from Holland.
 Anyway, the presence of our friend had relieved the trip.
All the days long we enjoyed the sun and the warmth. We swam in the ocean and in the pools on the ship, we also played table tennis.
6new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpg7new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpg8new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpgOur children visited the Kids Club every day. However, these classes were designed for children fluent in English: there were all sorts of quizzes and discussions.
9new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpgWe had a stopover in 

San Juan

, the capital of Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, that day there was a terrible downpour. 
Luckily, it stopped raining in half an hour. We went toward an old fort, which is now a US national park. 
10new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpgThis is the Memorial Cemetery (Santa Maria Magdalena Pazzis Cemetery) near the fort.
11new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpg12new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpg13new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpgWalking along the streets of San Juan:
14new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpg15new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpgAnd this is 

St Thomas

- another Caribbean island.
16new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpg17new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpgBy the way, you might get the impression that there was no entertainment onboard. This is not true. A 70-year-old animator-mill was crazy enough for us not to be bored. Once, he even organized some games by the pool...
18new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpgThere was a competition for the biggest splash.
19new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpg20new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpgThen we had a stopover in Half Moon Cay, in the Bahamas.
21new-year-holidays-cruise-on-hal.jpgOur week on HAL went by fast, so we did not want to leave. 
Author:  wwworld
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