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New Year Holidays in the United States. Houston.

Sergey Dolya • 4 minutes read • October 12th, 2015

The official nickname of 


is ‘Space City’ because The 

Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center 

is situated there. In general, the city has a dozen of nicknames: ‘The Big Heart’ (because of the evacuation to 


of 150,000 residents of neighboring Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina), ‘City of Creeks’ (because of the big amount of rivers on the territory of the city), ‘Clutch City’ (because of the victory of the Houston rockets in the NBA in 1994 and 1995), ‘City of Syrup’ (because of the popular among drug addicts cough syrup) and many others...

In Houston, we found the store with goods from Eastern Europe. Its owners were either Serbs or Bosnians:

We found even such canned food on the shelves:

One of my readers living in Houston had kindly offered me to meet and take a small tour around the city. We had a dinner together and then went to several interesting places. The first one was the workshop of the local Tsereteli:

The main specialization of the craftsman are busts of presidents, living and dead:

Besides Obama and Lincoln, we saw The Beatles there:

Sculptures are hollow, you can get inside of them:

Then we visited the museum of strange cars. A parade of such crazy cars takes place in Houston every year:

Close-up: cups, saucers, glasses, buttons...

...horses, plates, shells...

The car is 'encrusted' inside just as much as outside:

Ballerina, spiders, and the foot of the doll: in what condition can you come up with such a composition?


Let's go further.
Most of the oil companies have their headquarters in Houston. This is the Water Wall in front of one of the companies:

Semi-circular structure, water flows from all sides of it. Looks very impressive:

Then we went to the house of beer cans:

Its legend is as follows: there was a man (he already died) who regularly drank beer, he didn't throw out the cans but used them to decorate his house. Now this house is protected by the city, has a status of an attraction, and cannot be demolished:

You can tell that the owner loved beer in cans more than in bottles:

Generally, it was very nice in Houston: sunny weather, empty roads and lots of parks:
Author: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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