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New Year In Nice. P.1.

Sergey Dolya • 4 minutes read • April 11th, 2016


surprised with great dominance of the Russian language. Banner in Russian hangs on the central square, almost all the menus in the restaurants are duplicated for the Russians. And if Cannes is a quiet place with cozy streets, Nice is a big bustling city with a noisy crowd and wide avenues with trams running along them.
Because of the threat of terrorist attacks there were metal detectors set at the square. Police checks bags and inspects suspicious persons, however, it didn't affect the festive mood and the number of travelers too much...

This is the central street of the city - Avenue Jean Medecin. It is pedestrian, but there are tram tracks across the street:

Horse police officers were walking along the Avenue, however, they behave themselves very relaxed, and were more busy socializing with each other than with the protection of the public order:

Here is Place Massena - the main square of



It's full of life, walking tourists and street performers. The blue poster says "The first Russian-French radio. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!". Its amazing, of course, to watch the banner in Russian hanging in the center of



The fountain is covered with a plastic dome, and at a certain time the gun with confetti shoots inside it. Because of this there is the illusion that the fountain is a huge glass ball with snow:

This is a New Year's Fortress. It is beautifully lit at night:

Nearby there is a Christmas market. Entrance is through a metal detector:

Inside there are traditional stalls with souvenirs and yummy. Generally speaking, all the same as in Cannes:
Here are gingerbreads:

And here are toys:

These are Christmas decorations:

And New Year's stars:

I liked the souvenir thermometers with miniature cacti:

The Italians invented some dyes for milk products and offer colorful cheeses to the fair's visitors. That's pretty originally:

And here are apples in chocolate. Honestly, I never ate them, and I was sure that these are baked apples, soft inside. And then I decided to try. It turned out that the apples were fresh and hard in the same hard chocolate. I can not say I really liked it:

And this is a fir at the entrance of one of the restaurants:

To be continued.
Author: Sergeydolya

Translated by: Gian Luka

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