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New Year in Sydney

Uritsk Andrey • 4 minutes read • October 24th, 2016
I spent several hours wandering around the city (


) in search of place to spend the New Year and watch fireworks - all the most popular places (the promenade in front of the

Opera House

, waterfront of the Botanic Garden, Mrs. Macquarie's chair, Circular Quay, as well as numerous boats in the harbor) were already occupied by a crowd of thousands tourists and residents. So in the end, I could not find anything better than to settle on shore below the girder of the

Sydney Harbour Bridge

(Story About The Sydney Harbour Bridge) - it was still quite possible to take my seats there comfortably. Well, finally it appeared to be a very good and rather symbolic point for the spending of the New Year 2011!
This is a "rehearsal" at 11 pm...
Closer to midnight, the boats passed under the bridge to meet the New Year's fireworks from the waters of Sydney Harbor.
Everything is ready for the celebration - there were some moments left...
Finally, the bridge brightly and loudly proclaimed that the New Year came in Sydney!
And then it began!!! Of course, I've seen a lot of different fireworks. But I have never seen fireworks like in Sydney...
After the bridge, bright lights lit up the sky over Sydney Harbor...
And what will be the answer of the bridge?
Here are fiery flowers over the harbor:
But the last word was still the bridge's one! Well, it just couldn't be in a different way, could it?!
During this deafening salvo, I thought with horror that the gigantic bridge would collapse. But no, it survived - for his 80 years of life, the old fellow has got used to such amusements...
Bridge girder became covered with a thick veil of smoke - and at this point, a rain of fire poured from the bridge on the surface of the harbor!!!
Here are the last accords!
After that, the New Year finally came, and universal delirium set in on the streets.
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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