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New Year's Holidays In Florida

wwworld • 3 minutes read • November 13th, 2016
We spent 4 days in Florida. For that period, we decided to rent a car. The first day, we went to 

Miami Beach

for a walk.
We booked a room in a motel in the southernmost part of the state for the next three days. There was the 

Everglades National Park

nearby. We decided to go there for the whole day and ride an airboat around the swamps, filled with crocodiles, as well as visit Indian lands.  
1new-year's-holidays-in-florida.jpg2new-year's-holidays-in-florida.jpgThe park has an Indian village, where you can go on a guided tour. There's a show with crocodiles and also, the everyday life of the Indians and their crafts, is shown there.
One could hold a small crocodile or shoot a bow.
3new-year's-holidays-in-florida.jpg4new-year's-holidays-in-florida.jpg5new-year's-holidays-in-florida.jpg Author:  wwworld
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