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New Zealand. Main Attractions in Auckland

Mike Seryakov • 7 minutes read • February 7th, 2017
I decided to explore surroundings of


, to visit the "must see" sights for all tourists. The first place I visited was the

Waitakere Ranges Regional Park

We started from an information center with a mini-cinema, where you can watch a movie in English about how this park was formed. By the way, "the New Zealand English" appeared to be unusual and difficult for me. 
Here you can see the New Zealand kauri tree which is considered one of the oldest trees on the planet. Probably only North American sequoias can compete with it in terms of the age.
You can also see the magnificent carved figures of the Maori tribe leaders in the information center. Maori are the indigenous people and the main population of New Zealand before the arrival of the Europeans. 
You can take an unusual picture here - of you and of the beautiful scenery.
Next stop in the same park was a beach with black sand - a place where the famous movie called "The Piano" was filmed. Unfortunately, I have not watched it yet....
There are a lot of houses around this beach, you can come here to stay and surf on the waves.
I never miss an opportunity to swim, especially in the Pacific Ocean, and it is very, very refreshing. The water temperature was probably about 17 degrees Celsius.
If it had been a little warmer here, it would have been fun to dig in black black sand and take some pictures. Its color is stunning.
The waves there are very strong, so this beach is rather for surfers than for "bathers". Although the water is really cold.
Here are New Zealand retro cars. Maybe local surfers scorch on them.
New Zealand is a wine country. It is believed that New Zealand wines are not of the long-term storage, but they may be well kept for 10-15 years. An interesting feature of the local wines is that they have simple twist caps and the bottle can be opened without a corkscrew.

It has its own prehistory. The cork for wines was made of the cork oak which grows in southern Europe. The French at one time blocked the corks delivery in New Zealand, allowing to export to the island only the Portuguese cork. And it was of poor quality and spoiled the wine. New Zealanders began to twist their bottles.

There are many wineries and I visited one of them for dinner and wine tasting.
This is the small private winery called "Soljans" owned by immigrants from Croatia. I liked their 40-year-old port wine.
Another tourist attraction is the park dedicated to the memory of the first Prime Minister of New Zealand. You can see the Sky Tower in the distance.
There was a strong wind in the park and the rain was going to start. After making a couple of my trivial pictures, I hurried to some place with a roof over the head.
Spring in New Zealand is often rainy.
One of the main "tourist" attractions in Auckland is

Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium

He was a traveler and promoter of New Zealand's flora and fauna.You can watch a colony of penguins in his center and all that is under the ground directly under the highway.
There is the exhibition called "Meeting with the Antarctic" where you can get acquainted with the world of the Antarctica explorers.
You can see the models of the conditions in which the explorers lived.

It is believed that Captain James Cook was the first to make the note about the Antarctic on the map. This opinion is disputed by the Norwegians, who say that Amundsen was the first to set foot on this land. And the Russians say that Bellingshausen and Lazarev were the first to approach these shores.

New Zealand is called the international gateway to Antarctica, there are 2,000 km to it from here. As well as to Australia. Although I would name cruises from Ushuaia, Argentina the easiest way to get to Antarctica by far.
Part of the museum is dedicated to the dead Robert Scott's British expedition. All members of this expedition died. Scott began his last letter with the words "To my widow". She erected a monument in the memory of her husband in Christchurch - New Zealand's main city on South Island.

Story of Scott's expedition was displayed in the movie called "Scott of the Antarctic".
Now there are two kinds of opinions about the Scott's personality and talent. Here are some interesting facts. Scott took in the expedition not only dogs, but also ponies. Dogs do not need food in expeditions, because they eat each other, but it was necessary to feed the ponies. When Scott reached the South Pole, he saw there the flag of Amundsen. Maybe it got the English lord down. Amundsen even left a note for Scott asking him to inform the Norwegian king about the Antarctica discovery, in the case of his death. However, destiny had other plans. Scott died instead of Amundsen.

The South Pole is the most cold, dry and windy place on earth. If a man, being there, won't drink a liter of water per hour, there'll be a dehydration and cardioplegia will become possible.
Real penguins live behind the glass stand in the museum. Including the emperor penguins.
Emperor penguins have yellow coloring on the head and breast - it is the largest type of penguins on the planet.
Young penguins are very interesting. Or rather penguins teens. They have the same sizes as their parents, but they are covered with a thick hair, which disappears when they become adults.

There is a 120-meter-long underwater tunnel, like in Singapore. Stingrays, sharks and divers cleaning the pool swim right above the visitors' heads. The visitors move on the conveyer belt.
This "underwater" and "underground" world is located right under this highway.
This is the center of Auckland with a waterfront.
Here are more pictures of the largest and the most advanced city in New Zealand.
Lots of various yachts come to Auckland - large and small.
Author: Mike Seryakov
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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