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New Zealand. The Fjord Of Milford Sound.P.1.

Sergey Dolya • 4 minutes read • November 18th, 2015
Today I will tell you about our flight over 

Milford Sound

. The South-Western part of the South Island is covered with fjords similar to Norway. The closest and one of the most beautiful of them all is 

Milford Sound

The formation of this bay began during the last ice age when a glacier moving to the sea gouged out a deep trench in the rocky ground. Trough formed as a result of erosion. Then the glacier retreated and the water flooded the valley, forming a more than 12 miles (19 kilometers) long fjord...

Unfortunately, in the plane in front of me, there was the girl who used flash a lot. Anyway, I decided to leave these pictures to show what

South Island

 looks like:

Flight to Milford Sound takes about 35 minutes. You can get there by car, but the road will take about five hours because you'll have to go around the mountains:

These landscapes also served as the illustration for the 'Lord of the Rings' - Isengard was filmed here:

Mountains of Isengard, the residence of a white mage Saruman:

During spring in New Zealand this river is filled with water and even goes out of its banks:

Isengard was filmed in the floodplain of this river:

When flying by plane, you can easily see how clouds are formed. The weather was fine at first, but when we rose above the mountain range, we immediately saw a cloudy haze on the other side:

It turns out that the mountains protect the city from the clouds:

Although it seems that the plane flies over the mountains, it actually goes around them from different angles and close to the slopes:

Coming to Milford Sound, fjord with water is already visible at the bottom:

Fjords are formed either from the movements of tectonic plates or after glaciers. As the result, long gorges filled with sea water appear:


There is a flow of red water along the bank, probably from the inflowing river:


Author: Sergeydolya

Translated by: Gian Luka

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