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Newcastle Customs House

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The Newcastle Customs House is a heritage listed building located on the corner of Bond and Watt Street in Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. It was designed in the Italianate Renaissance Revival Style by New South Wales Colonial Architect James Barnet in 1877, with a wing added in matching materials in 1899. The building is constructed from dark cream brick with contrasting sandstone detailing. The western end has a 32 m (105 ft) high clock tower, lantern and time ball, one of three examples in Australia that are relatively intact. The time ball would fall at 1 PM everyday until World War II in which it was stopped to hide it from the enemy. The building has two floors and a basement area. It was listed on the NSW State Heritage Register in 2000. The building is currently owned by Fernance Family Holdings and is known as the Customs House Hotel. The hotel comprises a restaurant and bar on the lower level and a function room on the upper level.

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