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Nice. France.

xorolik • 3 minutes read • June 19th, 2016


is the main city of French Riviera that is situated on the hills in the Bay of Angels and is surrounded by hills of Maritime Alps. Based on one version, the city was named by the Greeks. From Greek: Nice = Nike =  The Victress.
1-nice-xorolik-p1.jpgThere are a lot of beautiful stories of how the bay got its name, but this version historians love the most: the bay got such name because fishermen's nets were torn by small sharks with wing-shaped wins. This species is very rare nowadays and is considered to be the extinct one.
English quay lays along the Bay of Angels and is the perfect place for walking and different activities. It was built by Britons who loved spending their winters in 


Between the Old City and port of Nice, there is a Castle Hill (Colline du Chateau). The hill is not very high (only 300 feet (92 meters) height) and there is no castle on the hill. Actually, it is a park from where you can see the best view of Nice ever. You can get to the top of the hill by the lift in the rock or on foot. We decided to go on foot. The view is really gorgeous! But it was in the evening and the sun was in front of us, that's why the color of the water isn't saturated at all.
We strolled on the quay through crowds of people and went further to Cannes.
2-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg3-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg4-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg5-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg6-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg7-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg8-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg9-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg10-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg11-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg12-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg13-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg14-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg15-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg16-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg17-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg18-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg19-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg20-nice-xorolik-p1.jpg21-nice-xorolik-p1.jpgAuthor: xorolik
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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