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Night And Day City Of Brussels, Belgium

Sapovich Ekaterina • 4 minutes read • November 1st, 2016


is one of my favorite European cities. I liked visiting here a lot.
1night-and-day-brussels-belgium.jpg2night-and-day-brussels-belgium.jpg3night-and-day-brussels-belgium.jpgThis is a beer shop with a huge variety of beer.
4night-and-day-brussels-belgium.jpgThis is the central square, 

The Grand Place

. It is known as the most beautiful square in the world. It has a long square with buildings of the Flemish baroque and Gothic styles.
5night-and-day-brussels-belgium.jpgThe main building is the Town Hall and its watchtower, and the King Palace in front, where the City Museum is located. There are buildings of the former guilds of the 17th century located all around.
6night-and-day-brussels-belgium.jpgEach building has its own name and symbol: Bakers House, Wheelbarrow House, Bag House, Wolf House, Fox House, Horn House, Star House, Swan House, Pigeon House and Golden Tree House.
7night-and-day-brussels-belgium.jpgTo the left, there's the Town Hall, a masterpiece of the Gothic architecture. During the day, the square is used as a flower market.
8night-and-day-brussels-belgium.jpgThis is the same 295 foot (90-meter) watchtower.
9night-and-day-brussels-belgium.jpgThe square has plenty of terraces and restaurants.
10night-and-day-brussels-belgium.jpgBy the way, Brussels is the birthplace of comics. So there are lots of comics depicted on the walls of buildings around the city.
The Center for Comic Art of Brussels houses a collection of more than 25,000 comics and tells the history of comics from the very beginning to the present day.

Manneken Pis

, we saw Jeanneke Pis.
12night-and-day-brussels-belgium.jpgThis is the central square, full of flowers.
13night-and-day-brussels-belgium.jpgThis is the Cathedral of St. Michael. The first brick of the cathedral was laid in 1226 by the Duke of Brabant Henry I, and its construction was completed nearly 300 years later, under Charles V the Great.
Weddings of the royal family are usually held in this cathedral.
15night-and-day-brussels-belgium.jpgThere were various shops in Brussels. Everyone can enjoy a day of shopping! There were world famous brands and authentic expensive shops.
16night-and-day-brussels-belgium.jpgIn general, I must mention that in Brussels, you will find the EU headquarters, the NATO office, the secretariat of the Benelux and Western European countries Union, many museums (more than 80), galleries, a miniature park "Mini Europe", six royal residences, and many other interesting "MUST-SEE" sights.
Author:  Sapovich Ekaterina
Translated by: Zoozi

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