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Night Hong Kong And Big Buddha

Sergey Dolya • 6 minutes read • March 31st, 2016
This is already my 4th time in 

Hong Kong

. I got used to almost everything and each time it is more difficult to find something new and exciting. Only the night panorama of 

Hong Kong 

is not boring. It seems that billions of fireflies are on the squares of the glass chessboard, and then millions of these boards are piled in a stack. Every evening at 8 pm laser lights lit up on the tops of those stacks sending a mysterious signal into space...
I arrived in Hong Kong to visit the electronics exhibition (I will tell about it in my next review). The whole time I spent meeting with partners and looking at new gadgets, so I didn’t have time to walk around Hong Kong. After the exhibit ended, I stayed in Hong Kong for another day and rode by cable car to 

Big Buddha

It stands on a neighboring Hong Kong island, and the most convenient way to get there is by metro and cable car. Once again I was pleased with the local underground because all the subway cars were connected with each other:
There are standard cable cars and with a glass bottom. Of course, I chose the latter one:
It is such an unusual feeling when you are standing on glass and ships are sailing below you: 
Cableway passes the airport and you can see how planes land and take off:

After a few moments, there was Buddha:
On the way from the station to Buddha, there is a street with shops and restaurants. The idea was clearly taken from the Disneyland nearby:
After overcoming a temptation of souvenir shops and aroma of roasted hot dogs, each traveler must climb a long and steep staircase:
It is difficult to overcome it for the first time and many stop to breath and to take photos:
At the bottom of Buddha's statue believers are praying:
And this woman was tossing coins in between prayers, she squeezed one eye and watched their movements. Maybe she was telling fortunes like that? Does anyone know?
There are 6 statues around Buddha bringing gifts to him:
During other times, I could only walk around the city mainly at night:
There are lines to Chanel and Louis Vuitton stores even at night.
And this is right next to our hotel. Here you can see the contrast of luxury and poverty on every street corner:
We ate in restaurants of Japanese or Chinese cuisine. In Japanese restaurants, sushi plates and rolls move on the counter where you sit. Plates are in different colors so you can determine their cost:
In Chinese restaurants we got either pork in sweet-sour sauce (I really love it) or Peking duck which is my favorite dish in Chinese cuisine:
One duck is enough for several servings. At first, they cut its crispy crust off:
It is served with sliced cucumbers, onions and sweet sauce (plum?):
A piece of crust is placed on a thin pancake and smeared with sauce. They also add cucumber and onion. All this is wrapped by hands into a tube... Unearthly yummy:
While you are eating pancakes duck continues to cook and after some time they bring it in the form of fried meat. It is wrapped in cabbage leaves and poured with sweet sauce:
Hong Kong is an island with skyscrapers. It is busy here during the day while offices are open, but in the evening it becomes boring and empty. Main nightlife is on the mainland which is separated from the island by strait. There are 2 tunnels under it with constant traffic jams, so the best way to get from one shore to another is by ferry:
From the mainland side, there is a famous view of Hong Kong island:

Also, there is Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. It is a high mountain that can be reached either by funicular or by taxi. I have written about it many times before. Look for Hong Kong tags. Here are a couple of recent photos:
In the next review, I will talk about the exhibition.
Author: Sergeydolya

Translated by: Gian Luka

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