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Normandy. France

o_l_g_a_r_i • 5 minutes read • July 22nd, 2016
We continue our 

travel around Normandy

We parked our car without any problems, right next to the ship. That was very convenient since the rain began on the way back.
The next morning, we slowly had breakfast, took a couple of sandwiches with us, and went further.
This time, we went along the upper part of Normandy.
Étretat was the first we planned to visit.
We didn't really have any plans - just wanted to take a ride along the coast and look at nature.
Here are pictures taken on the way...
We arrived.
We parked right next to the waterfront.
Some people were even going to swim...
Views there are certainly beautiful.
But we were not the first ones who noticed this...
Here's a picture by Monet.
And this is a painting by Vasily Polenov.
The town itself is also pretty nice.
I think it's possible to swim here in summer. Water, probably, can't be pretty warm here - after all, this is Atlantic. But in August, I think, it's comfortable for swimming. The place itself is very pleasant - there is the beach, and restaurants, and the waterfront, and hotels are nearby. Hotels are cute, vintage.
But I would hardly risk to go out on the balcony in this one - it can, probably, collapse...
I think, there are many visitors in summer. It's not clear how things are going with parking lots - we were there in the second half of September that is quite off season, so we parked without problems. But I'm afraid, it is hard to find a place here in summer.
Aside from this, I would be happy to spend there a couple of days in summer! There are many attractions nearby, so beautiful...

We went in the shop.
I love such shops...
I was shocked with prices of sardine cans...
Prices on everything else were quite normal.
We bought cider.
Local cider is one of the best in France.
We sat on a bench on the waterfront with our faces turned to the sea and the sun and had our sandwiches with a glass of cider.
It's just a beauty! I love this time - when it's only early fall, but tourists already left these places - just peace and quiet. 

Then we went up to the observation deck - or just on one of the rocks, the right one.
I took the first picture from there.

And we went further along the coast.
Here are pictures taken on the way...
I don't remember the name of this place, it's on the way from Étretat to Fekamp.
The teacher led her students for lunch by the sea.
Obedient children were having dinner...
We noticed that someone was also swimming there!!!

And this is Fekam.
We went there in one of the cafes on the waterfront to drink beer - and stayed there for so long, getting warm in the sun, that we had to go home immediately after that. To get there before dark.

Our next port was La Rochelle...
Author: O_L_G_A_R_I
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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