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Norsk Døvemuseum

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Norsk Døvemuseum is a museum in Trondheim, Norway. It is a department of Trøndelag Folkemuseum. The museum is located in Rødbygget, which was drawn by Chr. H. Grosch.It was the first neo-gothic building in Trondheim, built in 1855. The museum was established in 1992, and rebuilt in 2009. Today the upper floors hold offices, and a café is found on the first floor.




The building was originally a school for the deaf. It included apartments for both-sex students and the warden, and a prayer room. During World War II it was used as a hospital. In 1991 the school was transferred to Heimdal.


The New Gothic style was characteristic of Grosch's later works. A common element of these was the brick façade. The highly decorated inner courtyard is rather unique in Trondheim.


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