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North Terrace

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North Terrace is one of the four terraces that bound the central business and residential district of Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia. It runs east-west, along the northern edge of "the square mile". The western end continues on to Port Road, and the eastern end continues across the Adelaide Parklands as Botanic Road.


North Side of North Terrace

Theoretically, the northern side of North Terrace is part of the Adelaide Parklands. However, much of the space between North Terrace and the River Torrens is occupied by cultural institutions and other public buildings. Starting from West Terrace and travelling east, these buildings include:

(West Terrace)

  • Parkland
  • The new Royal Adelaide Hospital (construction site)
  • South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI)
  • Adelaide Medical and Nursing Schools (construction site for the University of Adelaide)
  • City Sk8 Park, a skateboarding facility next to the railway yards

(Morphett Street bridge)

  • Adelaide Convention Centre, Exhibition Halls (partly above the railway station platforms)
  • Riverside Centre (above the railway station platforms)
  • InterContinental Hotel (above the railway station platforms)
  • Adelaide railway station building
  • Adelaide Casino (inside the historic station building)
  • Old Parliament House - the original South Australian Parliament building
  • Parliament House
    • The Adelaide Festival Centre and Elder Park are behind Parliament House, between North Terrace and the River Torrens – also accessible from King William Road

(King William Road)

  • Government House, the official residence of the Governor of South Australia
    • The historic Torrens Parade Ground is behind Government House, between North Terrace and the River Torrens – accessible from King William Road
    • The South African War Memorial stands in front of Government House on a traffic island at the corner of North Terrace and King William Road
    • The Jubilee 150 Walkway commences in front of Government House
  • National War Memorial

(Kintore Avenue)

  • State Library of South Australia
    • Institute Building (1859)
    • Spence Wing
    • Mortlock Wing (1884)
  • South Australian Museum
  • Art Gallery of South Australia
  • University of Adelaide (original campus, now called the Main campus):
    • Mitchell Building
    • Elder Conservatorium of Music
    • Bonython Hall
    • Napier Building
    • Ligertwood Building
    • The Jubilee 150 Walkway finishes in front of the Napier/Ligertwood plaza.
  • University of South Australia (original campus, now called the City East campus)
    • Brookman Building

(Frome Road)

  • The (old/current) Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Adelaide Botanic Gardens

(East Terrace)

  • Adelaide Botanic Gardens

South Side of North Terrace

Starting at West Terrace and travelling east, the southern side of the street includes:

(West Terrace)

  • The Newmarket Hotel
  • Assorted accommodation, businesses and medical practices
  • Many buildings forming the City West campus of the University of South Australia
  • The Lion Arts Centre (in the old Fowler's Lion Flour Factory building)

(Morphett Street bridge)

  • The historic Holy Trinity Church (Anglican)
  • Assorted accommodation, businesses and government offices
  • The Dame Roma Mitchell building
  • Assorted accommodation and various Adelaide head offices (e.g. MyBudget, Origin Energy)

(King William Street)

  • The former Adelaide head office of the Westpac Bank
  • The exclusive, historic and discreetly labelled Adelaide Club (for gentlemen)
  • The Myer Centre, part of the Rundle Mall shopping precinct
  • The exclusive, historic and unlabelled Queen Adelaide Club (for ladies)
  • "Gawler Chambers", the former Adelaide offices of the South Australian Company

(Gawler Place)

  • Assorted businesses and medical practices
  • David Jones, part of the Rundle Mall shopping precinct
  • Assorted businesses, medical practices and University of Adelaide buildings
  • The historic Scots Church (originally Free Church of Scotland, then Presbyterian, now Uniting Church)

(Pulteney Street)

  • Various buildings occupied by the University of Adelaide
  • The historic and architecturally elaborate Freemasons' building
  • The Waterhouse house
  • Assorted businesses
  • The First Church of Christ, Scientist ("Christian Scientist" Church)

(Frome Street)

  • Assorted businesses
  • The historic Ayers House
  • 19th century Terrace houses
  • The historic Botanic Hotel

(East Terrace)

  • Parkland

Glenelg Tramline extensions

In October 2007, the extension of the Glenelg Tramline from Victoria Square to the University of South Australia City West campus was completed. In 2009, construction commenced on a further extension of the line west to the Parklands, and then northwest and west through the Parklands to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre at the start of Port Road, Adelaide's major northwestern arterial road.

The tram now operates from Glenelg to South Terrace, along the entire length of King William Street to North Terrace, along North Terrace to West Terrace, and then to the Entertainment Centre. Talk of possible further extensions periodically surfaces in newspapers and politicians' speeches.

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