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Norwegian Cruise Wedding

6 minutes read • September 5th, 2017
Planning a wedding is always a very special period causing pleasant emotions and expectations. Particularly if you are dreaming of getting married on a cruise! Such wedding is not just a regular ceremony, but an exciting adventure with numerous discoveries! Let’s talk about

Norwegian Cruise Wedding

norwegian cruise wedding

To plan your unique celebration on a cruise ship of Norwegian Cruise Line, you should take several steps:
  1. Gather data about the company's cruises and wedding packages.
  2. Choose your date! Don’t forget to check the availability of this date with the help of NCL Wedding Calendar or by calling Royal Ocean Events.
  3. After completing a signup page, confirm with your Event Manager that the courthouse will be open on your wedding day.
  4. You should book your cruise first – then you can book your wedding.
  5. Decide on the flights, hotel, and transfer for you and your guests.
  6. Fill out and sign a contract sent by your Event Manager.
  7. Invite guests to share all the details of your upcoming wedding.
  8. Plan all the details of your celebration with your Event Manager.
You should note that you must pay 100% of your Wedding Package price when booking a wedding. Besides, you should pay for all extras 45 days before your departure.

NCL offers you different Wedding Packages to choose! Each of them provides a beautiful bridal bouquet and matching groom's boutonniere, delicious wedding cake for the newlyweds, and a bottle of sparkling wine. Let’s check other features of each package!
Norwegian Cruise Wedding Packages:

• Wedding At Sea Package
cruise ship weddings
Photo courtesy of NCL

A ceremony is performed on the ship right at sea by a liner’s... Captain! The package includes dinner for the newlyweds in Bistro, chocolate covered strawberries, and other tasty surprises! However, you should note that this package is available only on certain ships on selected itineraries!

• Symbolic Ceremony At Sea
It’s an excellent opportunity to say ‘I do’ while playing the boundless sea on an admirable cruise liner! This package offers the lovely ceremony conducted by a ship's Senior Officer, sweet chocolate covered strawberries, a beautiful photograph of you two in an engraved frame, and many other perks. You should note that this package is available during days at sea only!

• Harborside Ceremony
You can get married on the liner docked in a beautiful port of call. Just imagine your ship overlooking the centuries-old glaciers, turquoise water or mighty forts. By the way, you are allowed to invite up to 10 non-sailing guests on your ceremony!

• Destination Ceremony
beach wedding

Have you ever dreamed of the ceremony on the beautiful beach with a mind-blowing view of the ocean! The sun, white sand, clear water, and seagulls soaring in the sky... This package provides transportation to and from the ceremony site for the newlyweds and other features to make this moment perfect.

Besides, wedding on cruise ships offers fantastic additional opportunities you can purchase, such as special Spa treatments, Dj, various photo packages, receptions, and many other surprises.

Norwegian Cruise Wedding Cost:
  • Wedding At Sea Package - $2,995 USD
  • Symbolic Ceremony At Sea - $1,999 USD
  • Harborside Ceremony – depends on the port
  • Destination Ceremony – depends on the port
Please note that NCL may change prices for the wedding packages, so you should specify them before booking your sailing.

You can find more information about Wedding Packages, prices, additional opportunities, etc. in the Norwegian Cruise Wedding Brochure!

By the way, the company also offers amazing packages for couples that have already said the most important words to each other. It’s an excellent opportunity to have the most romantic honeymoon ever, as well as a perfect gift for your anniversary. And how about renewing your vows? Here are the special packages offered by NCL:
• Honeymoon/Anniversary Package
• Deluxe Honeymoon Package
• Romance Package
• Deluxe Romance Package
• Ultimate Romance Package
• Private Vow Renewal
norwegian cruise line wedding

You can check more helpful information on the cruise company’s official website: And we offer you to watch several beautiful videos about the wedding on the Norwegian Cruise Line’s ships!
Norwegian Breakaway Wedding by Adam Hutchinson
Norwegian Cruise Line wedding on the NCL EPIC by pondmakers
Wedding Photography aboard the NCL Norwegian Sky by Wizard of the light

Cruise ship weddings are so romantic, aren’t they? 
wedding on a cruise

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