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Noumea, New Caledonia. P2

mff • 3 minutes read • March 27th, 2017
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1noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpgIn the heart of


, there's the magnificent Mwa Ka - a giant Kanak totem pole in the heart of Noumea. It was built in 2005 in memory of the funeral date of September 24, 1853 - the day of the capture of New Caledonia by the French.

The suffering and/or national-liberation struggle of Kanaks has not stopped since. In addition to the usual methods for Europeans: soldering, European diseases, slavery,  etc., the French used reservations in New Caledonia. Even Charles de Gaulle was seen in the deprivation of rights by the Kanaks and New Caledonia.

From 1981 to 1998, Kanaks rioted, took hostages and bred liberation parties of Melanesian socialism, whilst caldoches responded with repression and contract killings of Kanak political leaders.

There's a very strange Aboriginal camp is located around that pole, fenced off from the rest of the city by a fence of palm leaves
2noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg3noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg4noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpgSomebody was playing a game of lotto.
5noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpgHere's the street food.
6noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpgIn New Caledonia, there's an interesting system for selling alcohol: shops sell it from Friday evening to Sunday lunch; the rest of the time the shops are closed:
7noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg8noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg9noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg10noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg11noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg12noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg13noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg14noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg15noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg16noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg17noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg18noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpgHere is a nice neighborhood of


19noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpgTo the left, there's a good the neighborhood, and to the right, through the bridges, there are slums.
20noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg21noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg22noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg23noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg24noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpgFor Europeans, the island was discovered by Captain Cook in 1775 (our blog Cook is constantly found all over the world, for example, in Tahiti, or entire islands of Cook), and Caledonia is the Latin name of his homeland of Scotland.
25noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg26noumea-new-caledonia-p2.jpg Author: mff
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