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NY-Alesund, The Northernmost Village In The World. Spitzbergen

Uritsk Andrey • 4 minutes read • August 7th, 2016
The piercing north wind was blowing, and the land was visible amidst the veil of splashes and shreds of tattered clouds. Legendary 


was surrounded by ice and rough rocks.
1ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg2ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpgThe ship entered the bay and anchored near a small village of 


. Tiny NY-Alesund is the first of two stopovers in Spitzbergen.
3ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpgNY-Alesund is a small village with few research stations of different countries. In winter, the population of the village is only about 30 people, in summer it’s about a hundred. In recent years, due to travel boom to Spitzbergen, NY-Alesund is visited by more and more tourists.
NY-Alesund is one of the most northern settlements in the world, and it’s located at latitude 78˚55. Further north there are only two stations in Greenland (served only in summer) and Russian military base. But as the Greenland stations are purely seasonal, and the Russian base has a purely military purpose and closed status, so without much guile, we can say that a tiny NY-Alesund is the northernmost settlement in the world. There’s the northernmost hotel, the northernmost cafe, and the northernmost post office in the world. The local northernmost regular civilian airport connects the village with 


, the capital of the Spitzbergen.
A train and narrow-gauge railway remind of those times when coal mining was actively held in Spitzbergen.
4ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpgEcosystems of the archipelagoes are very delicate, so visitors are asked not to go off the paths and decks.
5ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpgTourists are not allowed to go beyond the village not due to the fragility of ecosystems, but because of the big number of polar bears. :)
6ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg7ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg8ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg9ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg10ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpgThe weather was gradually getting better, but it was still cold, so I decided to go to the northernmost cafe and drink hot chocolate. 
11ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpgThere are polar stations of different countries. Here’s the Norwegian Polar Institute:
12ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpgIn the center of the village, there’s the Norwegian flag and a monument. 
13ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg14ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpgA small local museum represents an exhibition about the coal past of this location, as well as the medical office and operating room of that time.
15ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg16ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg17ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg18ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpgHere are few more landscapes of Ny-Alesund and the surrounding area.
19ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg20ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg21ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpgWalking along these unsurfaced roads and admiring the grayish-green Arctic landscapes, you get some incredible and indescribable feeling!
22ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg23ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg24ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg25ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg26ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg27ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg28ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg29ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg30ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpg31ny-alesund-spitzbergen.jpgAuthor: Uritsk
Source: uritsk.livejournal.com
Translated by: Zoozi

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