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NYC: Admirable Manhattan

Anich • 3 minutes read • March 12th, 2017
On the second day of our stay in the Big Apple, we strolled a little more around Manhattan, looked at the city from the height of the

Empire State Building

(I wrote about it in the previous review).

I adore beautiful panoramic views of New York.
1nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpgThese are the contrasts between Manhattan and Long Island City...
2nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpg3nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpgWe drove across the bridge

Ed Koch Queensboro

, which connects Long Island City and Manhattan.
4nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpgThis is a high-rise building on Lexington Avenue.
5nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpgI enjoyed seeing the buildings of red brick.
6nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpgThis is the Central Synagogue of

New York

, located on the corner of Lexington Avenue and 55th East Street. It is the oldest synagogue in the city.
7nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpg8nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpgThe city lives its own life, everyone is in a hurry...
9nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpg10nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpgThis is the NYC Central Railway Station.
11nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpg12nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpg13nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpg14nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpgBeing in the States, you will never forget what country is that, as there are flags everywhere.
15nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpg16nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpgHere's the Roman Catholic Parish of our Savior against the backdrop of another brick building.
17nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpg18nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpg19nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpg20nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpgNew York Public Library, one of the largest libraries in the world. It was founded in 1895.
21nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpgThis is in the evening after a trip to the oceanarium on Brighton Beach. Here's a small fragment of the Chinatown.
22nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpgIt is not very large - 0.28 square kilometers, but it is the third largest Chinese quarter in the western hemisphere (after Chinatowns in San Francisco and Vancouver).
23nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpg24nyc-admirable-manhattan.jpgWe finished our Manhattan evening in the Little Italy quarter, which is across the street from Chinatown.
Author: Anich
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