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NYC: Madame Tussauds Museum

Anich • 3 minutes read • March 12th, 2017
On the first day in

New York

, after walking around the city, we went to the Madame Tussauds Museum.
1nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgThe sculptor Maria Tussaud opened the very first museum 200 years ago in London. Maria was born in Strasbourg in 1761! And her business is still alive! 
The technology has moved so far that the figures created by the Madame Tussauds are of incredible quality, and many look alive!

In the world, there are about 20 branches of the museum, and each has something of its own (that is, the exposition in the museums is not the same).
Different countries always put an emphasis on local celebrities.This is a great place, where you can fool around and take funny photos. Let's start! :)

George Clooney:
2nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgRobert Pattinson:
3nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgRobin Williams:
4nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie:
5nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgJulia Roberts:
6nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgCharlie Chaplin:
7nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpg8nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgIndiana Jones:
9nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgThis is a legend in black ;)
11nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgCraig as Bond:
12nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpg13nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgMembers of the Royal Family:
14nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpg15nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgPrincess Diana:
16nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpg17nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpg18nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpg19nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgAlisha Keys, the singer:
20nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgThe sculpture in honor of firemen:
21nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpg22nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgErnest Hemingway:
23nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgJames Dean:
24nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgFrank Sinatra:
25nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpg26nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgThe Beatles:
27nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgElton John:
28nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgJean-Paul Gaultier:
29nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgJon Bon Jovi:
30nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgTina Turner:
31nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgSpice Girls:
32nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgWhitney Houston:
34nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgSamuel L. Jackson:
35nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpg36nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgTaylor Swift:
38nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgLady Gaga:
39nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgJustin Timberlake:
41nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgKaty Perry:
42nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgHere's Maria Tussaud at work:
43nyc-madame-tussauds-museum.jpgThank you for attention!
I hope you had fun :)
Author: Anich
Translated by: 

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