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NYC: The Statue Of Liberty

Anich • 5 minutes read • March 11th, 2017
On the last day of our stay in

New York

, we woke up early in the morning and went to see this symbol of the USA.

We drove through Manhattan.
1nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpg2nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpg3nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpgHere's a view of New York's Financial Center from

Liberty Park

. It is from there the ships depart to the island of Liberty. In fact, there are a lot of excursions to the statue. You can choose the option with stops on Ellis Island, as well as go to the island of Freedom, walk around the statue and even ascend it.

We chose another, short version of the walk-on the boat along the harbor. It helped us to save time and avoid the crowds of tourists. Well, we decided not to ascend the statue itself for a very simple reason - we had no tickets. For example, to get to the crown, it was necessary to buy the tickets six months (!) before the visit, and for the get to other levels - to buy online tickets at least a month ago.
4nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpgHere's a view of the central railway terminal of New Jersey.The terminal is abandoned; it is not used since the 60s of last century.
5nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpgHaving stood in a queue for tickets and having passed the inspection, we finally went towards the statue.
That tall building with a spire is the 1 World Trade Center, another name - the Tower of Freedom.The height of the roof is 417 meters, the design height is 541 meters. This is the tallest building in the US, nd the 4th tallest skyscraper in the world.
6nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpgWe passed by Ellis island.

Previously, it was the largest reception center for immigrants in the United States, it operated from 1892 to 1954. Nowadays, there is an Immigration Museum.
7nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpgWe continue to furrow the waters of the Hudson River.
In the sky, by the way, there was a large number of helicopters. Here in the photo, only one is visible, but in fact, there were 5-6 of them in the sky at the same time. This is a kind of a transfer service immediately from the airport to Manhattan for very wealthy people :)
8nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpgHere' the entrance to the Museum of Immigration on Ellis Island.
9nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpgThere were a lot of boats, everyone wants to see the

Statue of Liberty

10nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpgHere's the statue!
11nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpgWell, what can I say? The statue is like a usual statue) Anyway, it is worth seeing in real life ;)
12nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpgThe area around the statue was crowded. Moreover, if you wish, you can buy a helicopter trip over the statue.
13nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpgWe turned around and went back.
14nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpgIn the distance, you can see The Verrazano–Narrows Bridge, one of the world's largest suspension bridges with a long main span of almost 1300 meters.
The bridge is double-decked, at each level has 6 lanes for traffic of vehicles. It connects Brooklyn and Staten Island.
15nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpg16nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpg17nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpgWe continued our tour around the city.

This is New Jersey, 14th Street.
19nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpg20nyc-the-statue-of-liberty.jpgWe arrived at the parking lot, left the car and went to the Central Park.

There was such a sign on one of the parked cars.
Author: Anich
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