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NYC: Vertical Manhattan

Anich • 3 minutes read • March 11th, 2017

New York

is very big and diverse city. Here I want you to show Manhattan. Because it is all "goes up", most of the photo turned out to be vertical -hence the name of the post :)
1nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpg2nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpgA small square near another skyscraper is decorated with fountains and a huge sculpture of the ring on the pillars.
3nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpg4nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpgPeople say very often that Manhattan is overpressing... But I did not have such a feeling. I even felt free, and yet everything was quite familiar - as we saw those views many thousands of times in the movies.
5nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpgHere's another exhibit of modern art. This one is cuter...
6nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpg7nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpg8nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpgI have become a crazy admirer of Gothic architecture quite recently.
This is the church of St. Thomas.
9nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpgIt started raining when we were at the

Rockefeller Center

10nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpgHere's the inside view.
We wanted to ascend to the observation deck, but the staff said that we'd better not to waste time and money, as we wouldn't see anything clearly in such weather.

In this tower we got during the second part of our trip on a clear day, the light and the views were amazing!
11nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpgNear the Rockefeller Center.
12nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpgWe approached the

Times Square

13nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpgIt's totally fussy place!
14nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpgBefore I came to New York, I saw the skyscrapers of Melbourne, Sydney, and Dubai. However, New York made a very strong impression on me.
Moreover, I did not see so many bright banners anywhere. They are completely blinding.
15nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpg16nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpgEven crazy crowds of people, a lot of lights, irregular roads...everything is somehow very organic in this city.
17nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpg19nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpg20nyc-vertical-manhattan.jpgThe night city view is even more spectacular!
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