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Oahu. A Walk to the Lighthouse.

Nefer • 4 minutes read • September 16th, 2016
What can you do in 


? Sunbathe and swim. I don't like either one, so in my free time, I just walked, breathed the sea air, and enjoyed the atmosphere. One day I decided to go to the lighthouse (Diamond Head Lighthouse). It is located near the 

Diamond Head volcano, its crater can be seen in the picture. It seems that it is close, but in fact, you have to walk for about an hour and a half to get there.

1Oahu.Walk-to-the-lighthouse.jpgIt is almost the evening, but it is still warm. It's December. The weather in Hawaii is comfortable all year round: it's neither hot nor cold.
This is 

Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial

 - a saltwater pool built in 1927, but it stopped operating in 1979.
This is Diamond Head Crater. We drove inside of it. It is about 200,000 years old.

There are marathons happening sometimes, so there are warning signs to remove the cars.
In Kapiolani Park (named in honor of the Queen), people do yoga, play football. There are tennis courts, a basketball court, and an area for archery.
Groups of people are running by from time to time, they are training for the marathon.
Based on what I understood, it reduces pressure from calves. I've never seen such device before.
Then villas began.
It's funny to see decorated palm trees instead of Christmas trees.
And here's the lighthouse. It was built in 1917, and it seems to be still operating.
The territory is guarded. You are not allowed to go inside. I decided to go around it and saw the descent to the sea.
15Oahu.Walk-to-the-lighthouse.jpgThere are surfers on the Diamond Head Beach.
I don't know what it is. Perhaps it's in memory of the deceased surfer.
19Oahu.Walk-to-the-lighthouse.jpg20Oahu.Walk-to-the-lighthouse.jpgI sat on the sand enjoying the views and went back.
22Oahu.Walk-to-the-lighthouse.jpg23Oahu.Walk-to-the-lighthouse.jpg24Oahu.Walk-to-the-lighthouse.jpgHere are special bikes for surfers with a holder for the board. Surfing in Hawaii is very popular. If the waves are good, people even ask for a time off!
25Oahu.Walk-to-the-lighthouse.jpgHere's the Statue of Queen in Kapiolani Park. She was the wife of King David Kalakaua. Many places in Hawaii are named in her honor. There is even a hotel called Queen Kapiolani, and I stayed in it. Kapiolani Park is the largest and the oldest public park in Hawaii.
In the next article, I will show you photos of the beautiful sunny Waikiki.
Author: Neferjournal
Source: neferjournal.livejournal.com
Translated by: Logoes

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