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Oahu Island. Inside Volcano Crater, Geyser In The Ocean

Nefer • 4 minutes read • September 27th, 2016
I have already shown you Oahu, but it was Waikiki, the suburb o f


, where the famous beaches are located. Now was our chance to visit the most interesting places of the island. In the photo, you'll see 

Diamond Head Beach Park

- a place that is always full of surfers.
2oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpg3oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpgI used the services of a tourist bureau.
4oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpgWe then went to the crater of the Diamond Head volcano. It is roughly 200,000 years old. The last eruption, which resulted in the crater being formed, was most likely short and did not last more than a few days. In fact, Diamond Head is part of the whole complex, resulting from a series of eruptions of the Koolau volcano.
5oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpg6oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpg7oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpgAhead, we saw another crater - Coco Head, which is located right on the ocean. Inside this crater is 

Hanauma Bay

. It's a great beach complete with a coral reef where tourists like to relax. We went there.
8oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpg9oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpgOn our way we visited the area of luxury houses in Kahala. This is the entrance to the villa of Elvis Presley. It is said that he liked to have BIG PARTIES.
10oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpg11oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpgWe passed by adorable views!
12oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpgAnd here is Hanauma Bay.
13oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpgThis is also a volcanic crater. It was ruined by the sea on one side.
14oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpg15oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpgSuch beauty!
16oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpgI had the sudden urge to rent a mask and flippers.
17oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpgHere you can clearly see that it was once a vicious circle.
18oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpg19oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpg20oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpg21oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpgWe went further. Ahead, another picturesque bay.
22oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpgHere it is.
23oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpg24oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpg25oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpg People were standing and waiting. Do you know for what they were waiting for? The real ocean geyser (hot spring), Halona!
26oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpg27oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpgA wave came up from somewhere in the rocks and the sea water burst through the hole! It really looked like a geyser!
28oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpgThe landscape were very beautiful, even by itself, without the geyser.
29oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpg30oahuisland-insidevolcanocrater-geyserintheocean.jpg Author: Nefer
Source: neferjournal.livejournal.com
Translated by: 

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