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Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve: Video Tour of the Newest Private Port

4 minutes read • December 12th, 2019
It used to be an industrial sand excavation site, and today it is an eco-friendly cruise destination. After three years of tedious work, MSC Cruises has finally welcomed first guests of its newest private port,

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

. This momentous event took place one week ago, and we already can't wait to check the very first video reviews of the MSC Cruises private island. Let's do this together.
Ocean Cay MSC Marina Reserve: MSC Cruises Private Island
Source: MSC Cruises/Facebook

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve is the newest private cruise port situated in the western Bahamas. However, it's not exactly a typical private cruise destination. The thing is that MSC Cruises will introduce a Conservation Center on the island soon, and one of the island's priority tasks will be research, education, restoration, and protection of the coral reefs and of the ocean. This island will be a place not only to relax and feel the vibe of the Caribbean but also to merge with the wild nature and learn more about the protection and preservation of the marine environment.

Let's watch the video of the island's transformation.

The process is incredibly complex but very exciting and inspiring at the same time.

And here's the result...

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve has several beaches with white sand and crystal clear water. Guests can relax in private cabanas or in the Spa. There are several dining options, including a buffet, food trucks, and bars. Enjoy shopping, various sports, take part in exciting contests, watch incredible evening lighthouse show. There are also many special activities for kids.
Let's take a walk around the island.

Visitors of Ocean Cay can try various American classics, as well as authentic Bahamian dishes.

And here's what happens on the island when the night fell.

This is just the beginning of the Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve's story. There are still many public venues, activities, and surprises ahead. It is a beautiful destination that carries out an important mission, and MSC Cruise has just given us another must-visit cruise port.

Are there any lucky ones who have already visited this piece of paradise? Please share your impressions and pictures in the comments.

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