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Ōhori Park

Natural sights
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Ōhori Park (大濠公園, Ōhori-kōen) is a park in Chūō-ku, Fukuoka, Japan and a registered Place of Scenic Beauty.

The name Ōhori means a large moat and it derives from the fact that Kuroda Nagamasa, the old lord of Fukuoka, reclaimed the northern half of a cove or an inlet called Kusagae which was facing Hakata Bay and made a moat for the Fukuoka Castle. At the same time the Hii (Tajima) River, which was flowing into the cove, was diverted from its course to the west.

The present park was reconstructed by Fukuoka City, modeled on the West Lake of China, and opened in 1929. This park is one of the most beautiful water parks in Japan and loved by local people as a relaxation spot. A fireworks festival is held here every August.

The Fukuoka Art Museum and the United States Consulate are nearby.

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