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Okinawa. Naha, Shopping In Kokusai-Dori

Nefer • 4 minutes read • October 2nd, 2016
Kokusai Dori, the main street of the city, runs from the center to the east. There are many shops, restaurants and cafes, hotels, department stores, souvenir shops and even a market. The street starts near the station monorail Kencho-mae, and ends a little further of Makishi Station.
1okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpgIn the photo above you can can see the sign of Family Mart. I went there. And here’s an alcoholic drink made from rice and sugar cane. Besides there’s the traditional sake.
2okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpg Also there’s a purely


3okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpg4okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpg5okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpgHere’s shisa in the fountain. This is a hybrid of a lion and a dog.
7okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpg8okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpgThe street is full of various shops.
9okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpg10okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpgThere’s a market somewhere in the middle of the street. It consists of a number of streets that are perpendicular to Kokusai-dori.
11okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpgOne of the traditional products of


- peppers. They are in oil, in vinegar or in something else. 
12okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpg13okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpgOriginally, the word SPAM appeared in 1936. It was pork with spices in tins for long-term storage. After the Second World War huge stocks of canned food made to supply the US Army, were left. To sell the products, the manufacturer conducted an annoying advertising campaign. The author with enviable persistence continued to duplicate texts and send letters. Someone drew an analogy, so the word is used to this day.
14okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpgThese are the stalls with alcohol souvenirs.
15okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpgAnd these are not very alcoholic souvenirs.
16okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpg17okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpg18okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpg19okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpg20okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpgThose violet things are the patties of potatoes! They're sold at every step.


is famous for its purple potatoes beni imo. It is sweet, and is made mainly in desserts and chips.
21okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpg22okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpgThese are the chips. They are tougher than usual ones.
23okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpg24okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpgHere are mochi.
25okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpg26okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpg27okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpgThere’s a shisa sitting at the beginning of the street.
28okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpgThere’s another in the other side of the street. This one had its mouth closed, another grined.
29okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpgThese are the famous Japanese diagonal passages.
30okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpgIn the evening, there are more people in the streets. They come out to walk, dine and do shopping.
31okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpg32okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpg33okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpg34okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpg35okinawa-naha-shoppin-in-kokusai-dori.jpgAuthor: Nefer
Translated by: Zoozi

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