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Okinawa. Naha, Shuri Castle

Nefer • 4 minutes read • October 2nd, 2016
The Ryukyu Kingdom existed on the territory of


from the 4th century. The ruler had the title of Wang and was considered a vassal of the Chinese emperor. In 1609, the state was conquered by the Japanese. Formally, they have maintained the independence of the Ryukyus, but placed his deputy in power. Thus Ryukyu was under the influence of both China and Japan. Finally, the island was subordinated to Japan in 1879. During the Second World War, during the Battle of Okinawa, the royal palace was destroyed. In 1972, it was announced a significant historical monument, and in the late 1980s, Shuri-jo was restored by old photographs. In 2000, the

Shuri Castle

has been included in the UNESCO heritage list.
In the photo, there’s gate Kankai, Kankaimon in Japanese.
1okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpgThe castle is surrounded by strong stone walls. The outer wall and the outer courtyard have four gates, the inner wall and the courtyard - eight gates. The main palace and other government buildings are located Inside the fortress.
4okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpgThis is Roukoku Gate.
5okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpgThis is Koufuku Gate.
6okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpg However, the walls offer a good view.
7okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpg10okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpg11okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpg12okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpgI heard the music playing, and I went to the sound. Accidentally I got to a free concert. These are Okinawan dances, very interesting!
13okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpg14okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpg16okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpgMany movements and postures are very similar to Indian ones.
17okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpgAnd here is the main palace.
People, wearing the clothes of times of the Ryukyu Kingdom, were walking around.
19okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpg20okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpgIn the palace, you can try some tea with royal sweets.
21okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpg22okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpg23okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpgThere’s a more humane way of sitting for foreigners.
A specially taught girl was adding the tea to the visitors.
24okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpg25okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpg26okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpgThen we took a walk through the palace.
This is the main pavilion Seiden. This is a room for official ceremonies.
27okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpg30okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpg31okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpgHere are some layouts with scenes of court life.
32okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpg34okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpg35okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpgThe weather was great. It was November, but seemed to be summer :)
36okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpgThis is the famous Gate Sonohyan!
37okinawa-naha-shuri-castle.jpg Author: Nefer
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