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Okinawa. Nakagusuku Castle

Nefer • 4 minutes read • October 2nd, 2016


has five famous castles: Shuri, Katsura,


, Nakijin, and


. The first one is located in Naha, the rest are scattered around the island. Nakagusuku is the oldest castle. It is said that its construction lasted for about 1,000 years. It is believed that the castle was built by Prince Gosamaru in 1440. However, I read that Gosamaru only expanded it to its present scale. Citadel avoided destruction during the Battle of Okinawa, so it is well preserved. Anyway, these are the ruins. In 2000 Nakagusuku was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
1okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpg2okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpgThis is a layout of the castle.
3okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpgThe castle stands on top of a hill with beautiful views of the city and the ocean.
4okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpgThis is a rear gate. It was written something about the ancient Egyptian architecture in the brochure.
5okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpg6okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpgAlso, the brochure says that the masonry of different parts of the castle can be divided into three periods: the technique Nozura (Rubble masonry), the technique Nunozumi (Ashlar masonry) and the technique Aikata Tsumi (Ashlar masonry). The first one has rough stones -just natural stones and boulders, laid on top of each other. It is the oldest method of masonry. The technique Nunozumi uses a cubic stone, which makes the walls very strong. This method can be seen near the gate. The example in the photo below is the technique Aikata Tsumi. The stones are processed, but not of the cubic form. It is assumed that this method of construction was used in Shotaikyu era (1454-1460).
7okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpg8okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpgThe place was designated as The Third Enclosure - "Miigusuku" (New Castle).
9okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpg10okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpg11okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpgThis is the Second Enclosure.
12okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpgHere’s the Holy Land. Nowadays some people come to pray here. 
13okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpg14okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpgHere’s a view of the South Enclosure. At the top, there’s the biggest - The First Enclosure.
15okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpg16okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpg17okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpgI went back this way.
18okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpg19okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpgI went past the Buddhist temple Fukusenji to the highway where the bus goes. On the right, there’s an abandoned hotel.
20okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpg21okinawa-nakagusuku-castle.jpg Author: Nefer
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