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Old Cruise Ships For Sale

8 minutes read • November 10th, 2017
Dear friends, let’s continue our interesting research!
Recently, we've checked several S&P broker websites and noted numerous vessels that reminded us of the well-known liners. We decided to share our thoughts with you.
Last time, we talked about the Royal Caribbean ships that are likely to leave their fleets soon (you can read the story here).
Today we’ll show you the last group of

old cruise ships for sale

SuperStar Gemini

old cruise ships for saleNorwegian Dream
SuperStar Gemini took her maiden sailing for Norwegian Cruise Line as Dreamward in 1992.
In 1998, the vessel elongated from 190 meters to almost 230. Her tonnage increased from 39,172 gross tons to more than 50 thousand. Besides, she got the opportunity to take on voyages over 2 thousand passengers. She became known as Norwegian Dream.
Since 2004, the liner has been owned by Star Cruises. Now she's called SuperStar Gemini.
This beauty is put up for sale for $150 million: commercial.apolloduck.com. Doesn't she look like SuperStar Gemini?
SuperStar Aquarius
old cruise ships for sale
SuperStar Aquarius
Initially, she operated sailings as Windward. As well as her sister mentioned above, she was built for NCL (1993). After lengthening 5 years later (her length changed from 190 meters to almost 230), she became known as Norwegian Wind. In spring 2007, the vessel joined the Star Cruises fleet under the new name of SuperStar Aquarius.
She has the tonnage of 51,309 GT and the capacity of 2,156 travelers.
This lady available for $150 million is very similar to SuperStar Aquarius: commercial.apolloduck.com.
MS Insignia

old cruise ships for saleMS Insignia by Ivan T./Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0
MS Insignia was built in 1998 for Renaissance Cruises as MS R One. Then the 30,277-ton vessel that accommodated 824 guests sailed under the flags of Oceania Cruises and Hapag-Lloyd under the names of Insignia and Columbus 2 respectively. In 2014, she rejoined Oceania as Insignia again.
She has already changed several owners. It seems she’s going to get a new one because this vessel looks like Insignia: commercial.apolloduck.com. Her current cost is $150 million.
MS Marco Polo

old cruise ships for salePhoto by Luca Riva/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0
MS Marco Polo has a long and eventful history. Aleksandr Pushkin (her original name) was created as the ocean liner in 1965 for the Baltic Shipping Company. 20 years later, she underwent significant renovations and got her current name. Marco Polo changed several operators. She joined Cruise & Maritime Voyages in 2010.
The liner’s tonnage is 22,080 GT; her capacity is 820 passengers and 356 crew members.
We suppose that we saw Marco Polo on this website: commercial.apolloduck.com. Her current price is $15 million.
MS Astor
old cruise ships for saleAstor by Bahnfrend/Wiki/CC BY-SA 4.0
She was created as Astor in 1987 for Marlan Corporation. In 1988, she joined a new family, the Black Sea Shipping Company, under the new name of Fedor Dostoevskiy. In 1991-1995, she was owned by Fedor Dostoevskiy Shipping Co. In 1995, the vessel was renamed Astor again. She operated sailing for several companies.
As of now, the 20,704-ton beauty that can accommodate 650 travelers operates sailings for Cruise & Maritime Voyages. However, we found the liner for sale that reminded us of her. Here’s the link: commercial.apolloduck.com. Her price is €30 million.
Louis Aura

old cruise ships for saleOrient Queen
Here’s another experienced liner that entered service back in 1968. 15,781-ton Starward became a member of NCL. In 1995, she began to sail as Bolero for Festival Cruises. In 2006, she joined Louis Cruises as Orient Queen. Since 2013, we know her as Louis Aura.
Her capacity is 910 guests and 400 crew members.
We found the liner with the same characteristics: commercial.apolloduck.com. One can purchase her for €10 million.
Celestyal Crystal
old cruise ships for saleMS Crystal by Hevesli/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0
Celestyal Crystal was created in 1980 as the cruise ferry with the romantic name of Viking Saga. Rederi Ab Sally was her 1st owner. After significant refurbishment in 1986, she became the Sally Albatross cruise ship. In 1994, she was chartered to NCL and renamed Leeward. Then she changed several more operators and names.
In 2007, the ship with the tonnage of 25,611 GT and capacity of 1,409 travelers was bought by Louis Cruise Lines and renamed MS Cristal. Three years ago, she got the new name of Celestyal Crystal.
It seems we found her on this website: www.qpsships.com. She’s put for sale for $50 million.
Celestyal Olympia
old cruise ships for salePhoto by CeeGee/Wiki/CC BY-SA 4.0
Song of America joined RCCL in 1982. In 1999, she moved to the fleet of Sun Cruises under the new name of Sunbird. From 2005 to 2012, she operated sailings as Thomson Destiny under the Thomson Cruises flag. Since 2012, she’s served Celestyal Cruises. At first, she was known as Louis Olympia, then she was renamed Celestyal Olympia.
The ship has the tonnage of 37,773 gross tons and the capacity of more than 1,600 travelers and 540 crew members.
We saw the vessel that looks similar to Celestyal Olympia. Here’s the link: commercial.apolloduck.com. Her estimated price is $50 million.
Celestyal Nefeli
old cruise ships for saleCelestyal Nefeli as Gemini in Stavanger, Norway by Gerd Fahrenhorst/Wiki/CC BY 3.0

She was built in 1992 as Crown Jewel. The 19,093-ton ship with the capacity of 1,074 guests started her career in the fleet of Crown Cruise Line. Then she operated sailings for Cunard, Star Cruises, and Quail Travel Group under different names. Now she serves Celestyal Cruises and is known as MV Celestyal Nefeli.
We found this beauty on one of the S&P broker websites: commercial.apolloduck.com. She looks very similar to Celestyal Nefeli. Her current price is $45 million.
Marella Celebration

old cruise ships for saleThomson Celebration in Curacao

She entered service as Noordam (Holland America Line) in 1984. Currently, she’s under long-term charter to Marella Cruises (since 2005). At first, the ship was renamed Thomson Celebration. When the company changed its name, the ship also got the new name of Marella Celebration.
She has the tonnage of 33,933 GT and the capacity of 1,350 passengers (maximum) and 520 crew members.
Construction of Marella Celebration cost $160 million. Now the similar liner is listed for sale. You can check the information here: commercial.apolloduck.com.
Marella Dream
old cruise ships for saleThomson Dream by Sealionlouis/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0
She entered service in 1986. Initially, she was called MS Homeric and was a part of the Home Lines fleet. Then she moved to Holland America Line (in 1988) as Westerdam. The vessel also operated voyages for Costa Cruises (from 2002 to 2010) as MS Costa Europa. From 2010, Thomson Dream (it was her next name) has served Thomson Cruises.
Recently, she got the new name of Marella Dream.
BTW, the ship was lengthened in 1990. Her current tonnage is 54,763 GT, and her capacity is 1,506 guests and 600 crew members.
The liner that reminded us of Marella Dream is put up for sale. You can check her pictures here: commercial.apolloduck.com.
Leisure World

old cruise ships for saleSky World by Rich Turnwald/Wiki/CC BY-SA 4.0
She joined NCL back in 1969 as Skyworld. After serving the cruise line for more than 20 years, she changed several owners and names. When New Century Cruise Line purchased our heroine, she became the Leisure World casino ship.
Her tonnage is 16,254 GRT, and her capacity is 850 passengers.
The similar vessel is listed for sale for $10,500,000. You can find her via this link: commercial.apolloduck.com.
It's the end of our story about the old cruise liners for sale that reminded us of the well-known vessels. Though it’s always sad to say ‘goodbye’ to members of your cruise family, we understand that the companies replace them with the modern ground-breaking vessels.
Well, times change, dear friends... We’ll always remember each of this fantastic cruise ships that have made hundreds of thousands of people passionate about cruises.

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